50+ Flawless Flamingo Tattoos

AKA flamboyance.

These funny couple tattoos.

Flamingo Couple Tattoos by Frank Luca

Mysterious. I’m guessing this is an inside joke? (Photo: Frank Luca)

These beautiful best friend tats.

Matching Flamingo Tattoos by Aberdeen

At first I though this was just two different views of the same tattoo but nope, girls best friend tats. (Photo: Aberdeen)

This Penny-farthing.

Flamingo on a Penny-farthing Tattoo by Iris

The toughest part of riding one of these relics is getting up onto the seat….and getting off. (Photo: Iris)

This gorgeous emblem.

Dotwork Flamingo Tattoo by Abbie Morphew

Notice the black dotwork in the interior. (Photo: Abbie Morphew)

This fruity flamingo tat.

Small Flamingo Tattoo byY Baiza Duran

This flamingo poops watermelon slices. (Photo: Baiza Duran)

This tropic treat.

Tropic Flamingo Tattoo by Nerja Malaga

No Tiki Bar would be complete without at least 20 flamingo decorations on the walls. (Photo: Nerja Malaga)

This spectacular geometric hybrid.

Amazing Geometric Flamingo Tattoo by Celi Hampton

Watercolor meets geometric form. (Photo: Celi Hampton)

This delightful design.

Flamingo Tattoo by Ewa Sroka

Purple and pink. (Photo: Ewa Sroka)

This gorgeous sunset.

Flamingo Tattoo by Tattoo Ink

Another framed tropical scene complete with dazzling sunset. (Photo: Rico Fogaca)

Geometric dotwork.

Flamingo Tattoo by Jess Ika

Those are some fancy feathers. (Photo: Jess Ika)



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