40 Adorable Itty-Bitty Ankle Tattoos

No socks allowed.


Small ankle tattoos are a dime a dozen. But for good reason. They’re cool, low risk, and relatively concealable. Among women, ankles are probably THE most popular location for tattoos — especially among first time tattoo seekers. From flowers and anchors, to emoji’s and M&M’s, almost anything tiny seems to come out right. Here are few designs and ideas to sink your teeth into while debating that next tattoo.

These tiny pink flowers.

Tiny Pink Flower Tattoo

Perhaps the most delicate and beautiful designs you’ll see on this list are flowers. These pink flowers resemble a number of different species which I concluded all looked too similar to distinguish. (Photo: DOY)

These laurel leaves.

Laurel Leaves Ankle Tattoo

The laurel wreath symbol, comprised of two curved laurel branches, instantly takes one back to a time when Helen of Troy’s daily exploits would have filled the local tabloids. Laurel wreaths, played a strong symbolic role in the mediterranean region during Greek and Roman times. The wreath was used as an emblem for the Sun God Apollo as well as a symbol of victory which was commonly worn on the head in times of triumph and celebration. While you still see the occasional laurel leaf symbol in modern day society, the leaves are most commonly found in the kitchen rebranded as “bay leaves,” where they’re used to flavor food.  (Photo: Dreamed)

This simple smiley face.

Small Smiley Face Tattoo on Ankle

Accidentally created by Forrest Gump while jogging, the smiley face has since helped savvy business minds sell massive amounts of stickers, t-shirts, and other equally uplifting merchandise.  (Photo: Elli Argyrous)

This elegant lotus flower.


A perfect black ink work in a bare-foot-only location. (Photo: Jon Boy)

This dotted owl.

Tiny Owl Tattoo on Ankle

This little owl definitely belongs on our list of the best owl tattoos of all time, but unfortunately it wasn’t on our radar at the time. (Photo: George Marquez)

This transparent box.

See-through cube tattoo

It doesn’t get much more geometric than this. I spent hours covering my notebooks with these during school when I was a kid. (Photo: Auuuyo)

This flying seahorse.

Tiny seahorse tattoo on ankle

Tiny wings give this creative little seahorse a unique sense of style. If you like seahorses, be sure to check out this list of adorably cute seahorse tattoos.  (Photo: Berrge)

This simple symbol of love.

Simple Heart Tattoo on Ankle

Sometimes the simplest designs are the best. This tiny outline of a red heart would look great on just about any ankle. (Photo: Berrge)

This YOLO flower.

YOLO ankle tattoo

You only live once so why not get a YOLO tattoo to remind you of that every day. It makes you wonder though, in 30 years, will anyone even know what YOLO stands for? (Photo: Dreamed)

These floral works.


Here we have a tiny mandala style piece and a long-stemmed lotus flower. It should be noted that tiny ankle/foot tattoos tend to age poorly. Small tattoos in general have a tendency to turn into little blobs of ink as the skin ages. The ankles and feet are especially vulnerable. (Photo: Artful Ink)