50 Adorably Cute Seahorse Tattoos

'Seahorses giving birth' is probably the coolest video you'll ever watch.

Seahorse Tattoo Ideas & Designs

They’re small, they’re cute, and they’re probably cuddly under the right circumstances. Anyone that’s ever laid eyes on a seahorse knows what I’m talking about. These little creatures of the deep come in various shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common; adorability.

Check out this unique collection of some of the best and most creative seahorse tattoos.

This pastel seahorse

Pastel Seahorse Tattoo

Pastel colors give this piece a playful vibe. (Photo: RJM)

Holding on tight

Golden Brown Seahorse Tattoo

A seahorse demonstrating how they keep from drifting with the currents. (Photo: Curtis Burgess)

This stylish watercolor seahorse

Gorgeous Watercolor Seahorse Tattoo

From the turquoise eye to the turquoise tail, this seahorse is body down. (Photo: Felipe Rodrigues)

This tiny neck tat.

Seahorse Tattoo by River

(Photo: River)

This adorable wrist tattoo

Seahorse Wrist Tattoo

Red scales and a small blue dorsal fin. (Photo: unknown)

This long-eared seahorse

Cute Seahorse Tattoo

This cute little seahorse features long ears and a long snout. Great color combination. (Photo: Angelique)

This pregnant giraffe

Creative Giraffe Seahorse Tattoo

Cute meets creative in this pregnant little giraffe-spotted seahorse. (Photo: Poppycock)

This artistic piece

Best Seahorse Tattoo

Minimalistic style. (Photo: Spring Tattoo)

This black and white seahorse

Black & White Seahorse Tattoo

An amazing black and white design depicting a seahorse with exaggerated trunk rings. (Photo: Jeff)

Geometric watercolor

Geometric Watercolor Tattoo

Geometric/watercolor tattoo with a space theme. (Photo: Sasha)