65 Adorable Wrist Tattoos All Women Should Consider

Serious inkspiration—and major ink envy—courtesy of your favorite Instagram artists.

65 Adorable Wrist Tattoos All Women Should Consider | TattooBlend

Having spent the last weekend helping a friend of mine pour over no less than 1000 various wrist tattoo designs—because that’s what good friends do, I can personally vouch that all of the designs on this list are the foam of a very large glass of wrist tattoo designs. While yes, everyone has their own tastes and objectives when it comes to picking out a wrist tattoo, there are some designs that transcend personal preference.

Perfectly suited for that part of your body connecting your arm to your hand, these tattoo designs will inspire anyone, no matter what your style may be. By the time you are finished scrolling this list, you’ll be wondering why you were cursed with only two wrists instead of the countless radiocarpal joints you’ll need to satisfy your ink cravings.

The wrist is one of the most popular locations for tattoo noobs to get inked. Especially with women. If for no other reason than the cool factor alone. The combination of tiny minimalistic designs, vivid watercolor works, elegant bracelets, and intricate ornamental displays, in the following gallery samples almost all of the various design choices in one fell swoop. While it’s clear that the prospects for your upcoming wrist tattoo just got a lot better, we’re still hoping you settle on something original and awe-inspiring so we can feature in on a future list.

This segmented mandala design.

Segmented mandala design by Sara Reichardt

Creativity at its best. This well-designed wrist tattoo features a negative space band while boasting multiple layers of mandala flower petals. Subtle shading gives the piece an extra dimension of depth which compliments the negative space element.  (Photo: Sara Reichardt)

These dotwork arrows.

Dowork arrows on wrist by Maksim Lopez

An abstract geometric creation anchored by arrow shapes of various design. While the top and bottom of the wrist are the most traditional locations for wrist tattoos, the back side of the wrist is quickly becoming our favorite.  (Photo: Maksim Lopez)

This beautiful watercolor leaf.

Beautiful watercolor leaf tattoo on wrist by Banul

Here we have another design located on the back side of the wrist. A soft and elegant leaf is wonderfully accented with subtle watercolor strokes. (Photo: Banul)

These stars.

Star wrist tattoo by Tattooist Grain

So simple yet so beautiful. These spaced out stars form a bracelet that has class written all over it. How Gain was able to achieve such uniform micro stars is nothing short of amazing.  (Photo: Tattooist Grain)

This floral wreath wrist tattoo.

Floral wreath wrist tattoo by Yeliz Ozcan

The artist labeled this floral design as “minimalistic” but we’d like to argue that. From close up these flora might seem simple but when you view the piece from a distance as a whole, it looks rather complex.  (Photo: Yeliz Ozcan)

This rose.

Rose wrist tattoo by Zihwa

The addition of a little color to a black and grey ink design makes everything in the world OK. While this isn’t the first time Zihwa has dabbled in this sort of contrasting design, it’s definitely one her best.  (Photo: Zihwa)

This space-themed wrist tattoo.

Space-themed wrist tattoo by Zihee

As of late, space tattoos are all the rage. So it should come as no surprise that this list features not one, not two, but three of these trendy cosmic designs. This one happens to be the only one it color though. (Photo: Zihee)

This anatomical heart.

Anatomical heart tattoo on wrist by OOZY

This detailed single-needle-work features an expert combination of dots and lines. Anatomical hearts are popular tattoo choices but this is the first one we’ve seen on a wrist. In fact, this might just be our next tattoo. (Photo: OOZY)

This dotwork mandala flower.

Dotwork mandala flower by Chris Jones

A rising trend in relation to dotwork mandala designs is the negative space between each segment, and this wrist tattoo is an excellent example. These designs aren’t as easy as they look to execute correctly. (Photo: Chris Jones)

This blackwork floral wrist tattoo.

Blackwork floral wrist tattoo by Liana Joy

There’s nothing more classy than a little blackwork floral tattoo. This design enjoys a unique placement of the top of the wrist. As a design that will never go out of style, this is a great option for anyone looking for something simple and classic.  (Photo: Liana Joy)