50 Adorably Cute Seahorse Tattoos

'Seahorses giving birth' is probably the coolest video you'll ever watch.

An actual Sea-Horse

Actual Sea Horse Tattoo

Wishing this mythological creature was real. (Photo: Paul Dobleman)

This see-through seahorse

See-through seahorse tattoo

That’s a bit of a tongue twister. This tattoo shows an x-rayed style seahorse where the skeleton is visible. How cool.  (Photo: unknown)

This sea-butterfly

Butterfly Seahorse Tattoo

A beautiful golden seahorse sporting some butterfly wings. (Photo: SLC)

This blushing seahorse

Pretty Sea Horse Tattoo

An adorable female seahorse. Fun fact: Seahorses take a single mate for their entire lives.  (Photo: Madison Tease)

This abstract watercolor piece

Abstract Watercolor Seahorse Tattoo

It’s nice to see unique styles being incorporated into watercolor designs. (Photo: Greg Sumii)

This intricate jewel

Bejeweled Seahorse Tattoo

This bedazzled seahorse looks like something that belongs in the Queen of England’s jewelry box. (Photo: unknown)

This geometric seahorse

Amazing Seahorse Tattoo

This black and white design is composed of unconnected parts with a long scaled body. (Photo: unknown)

This green-eyed swimmer

Cute Little Seahorse Tattoo

The turquoise goes well with the gold and black body. (Photo: unknown)

This cartoon seahorse

Cartoon Style Seahorse Tattoo

Big blue eyes and little pink bows. (Photo: Sinless Ink)

This traditional seahorse

Traditional Style Seahorse Tattoo

A seahorse tattoo in the traditional style. (Photo: Chris Hold)