50 Adorably Cute Seahorse Tattoos

'Seahorses giving birth' is probably the coolest video you'll ever watch.

This forearm tat

Beautiful Seahorse Tattoo

This seahorse looks like it’s wearing a mask. (Photo: Maartje)

This seahorse ankle tattoo

Seahorse Ankle Tattoo

What a spectacular example of shading. (Photo: unknown)

Another traditional seahorse tattoo

Gorgeous Seahorse Tattoo

The color scheme instantly makes you think old world traditional. (Photo: Dap)

This separated seahorse

Separated Seahorse Tattoo

Mysteriously cool.

This black and white piece

Black & White Seahorse

An all black design really makes for a bold statement. (Photo: unknown)

This cute seahorse

Cute Seahorse Tattoo

Beautiful purple eyes with matching bows. (Photo: Scott Olive)

This work of art

Amazing Seahorse Tattoo

So much going on here. I think it’s safe to say this piece was planned out well in advance. (Photo: leshalauz)

This red gill breather

Red Seahorse Tattoo

This seahorse looks to be part of a developing sleeve. (Photo: Hood Rich)

This paisley foot tattoo

Paisley Seahorse Tattoo on Foot

This paisley abstract tattoo is barely recognizable as a seahorse. (Photo: Blue Fin)

This purple seahorse

Pretty Seahorse Tattoo

Colorful shading. (Photo: Desperado)