45 Sister Tattoos That Will Go Down As Some Of The Greatest


Sisterhood Tattoo Designs

A new summer and a new chance to show the world just how amazing your sister is. I mean, come on. When I see sisters with matching tattoos it’s so friggin adorable it makes me wanna puke. And then wish I had a sister.

So if you’re lucky enough to actually have a sister, cherish her, tell her you love her, and then get matching tattoos to let the world know just how special your relationship is.

It’s been a while since the blend put together a list of sister tattoos so we’ve got an insane amount of gorgeous, timeless, and oh-so-awesome sister tats you’ll be seeing for the first time. As usual, enjoy, and don’t forget to share your favorites!

These supportive sisters.

Sister tats via Chelsea Hanback

(Photo: Chelsea Hanback)

This tin can phone line.

Tin can telephone line tattoos via Sarah Anne

(Photo: Sarah Anne)

These triangles.

Sister triangles via Sara Isabell

(Photo: Sara Isabell)

These itty-bitty infinity symbols.

Itty-bitty infinity symbols via Marina Escobar

(Photo: Marina Escobar)

These watercolor hearts.

Watercolor hearts by Sunny Ink

(Photo: Sunny Ink)

These linked hearts.

Linked hearts via Random

(Photo: Random)

These roman numerals.

Roman numerals via Eerikaar

(Photo: Eerikaar)

These infinity arrows.

Infinity arrows by Fineline

(Photo: Fineline)

These simple sister tats.

Simple sister tats via G Symons

(Photo: G Symons)

These hearts.

Sisterhood hearts via Amanda Leon

(Photo: Amanda Leon)

These individual sisterhood hearts.

Individual sisterhood hearts by Playground

(Photo: Playground)

These birds.

Birdie sister tattoos by Dana Lathrope

(Photo: Dana Lathrope)

These two sisters.

Sisters in watercolor by June Jung

(Photo: June Jung)

These tiny wings.

Tiny wings via Raven Elise Anzaldua

(Photo: Raven Elise Anzaldua)

These fish of faith.

by Dowjenn

(Photo: Dowjenn)

More roman numerals.

Roman numeral sister tattoos by Katie W.

(Photo: Katie W.)