50 Adorably Cute Seahorse Tattoos

'Seahorses giving birth' is probably the coolest video you'll ever watch.

 This water-wrapped creature

Gorgeous Seahorse Tattoo

Shimmering water wraps around the seahorse in an almost hand-like form. (Photo: Kobay)

This animated hand tattoo

Creative Seahorse Tattoo on Hand

Creativity at it’s best. (Photo: unknown)

This alien creature

Creepy Seahorse Tattoo

This alien-esque seahorse bares it’s inner egg sac through a slit in it’s stomach. Creepy & Cool. (Photo: Carson Hill)

This pastel beauty

Cute Seahorse Tattoo

Cute overload. (Photo: Linnea)

This ankle tat

Adorable Seahorse Tattoo on Ankle

I’d say this turned out better than the sketch. (Photo: Linnea)

This intriguing creature

Stunning Example of Seahorse Tattoo

What a breathtaking example of a seahorse tattoo. (Photo: unknown)

This new school seahorse tattoo

New School Seahorse Tattoo

That eye! (Photo: Kelly Doty)

This wispy water creature

Gorgeous Seahorse Tattoo

Watercolor fill meets meandering scrolling patterns. (Photo: RubyCherry)

Before & After

Before & After Watercolor Seahorse Tattoo

Abstract watercolor. (Photo: Think Ink)

This delightful composition

Old School Seahorse Tattoo

A wonderful old school design that has a colored pencil feel to it. (Photo: unknown)

This minimalist seahorse tattoo

Minimalistic Seahorse Tattoo

This modern minimalistic tattoo just oozes contemporary goo. (Photo: Axel)

These methodical drips

Watercolor Seahorse Tattoo

This piece was given a blown out look to it. (Photo: Aleksandra Kansan)

This purple babe

Baby Seahorse Tattoo

It doesn’t get much cuter than this. (Photo: Rachel Baldwin)

Ok maybe it does

Infant Seahorse Tattoo

Rachel has has a firm grasp on the baby seahorse tattoo designs.


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