50 Adorably Cute Seahorse Tattoos

'Seahorses giving birth' is probably the coolest video you'll ever watch.

This multicolored seahorse

Rainbow Colored Seahorse Tattoo

A beautiful mash up of color. (Photo: unknown)

This gorgeous purple seahorse

Purple Seahorse Tattoo

An undeniably feminine seahorse surrounded by orange starfish. (Photo: Karl Berringer)

This My Little Pony seahorse tattoo

My Little Pony Seahorse Tattoo

Ever since the anti-bullying campaign, My little Pony tattoos have seen a large spike in popularity. (Photo: unknown)

This tiny wrist tattoo.

Tiny seahorse on wrist by Tattoooie

(Photo: Tattoooie)

These best friend seahorse tattoos

Best Friends Matching Seahorse Tattoos

What better way to cement your friendship for all eternity then to get matching nautical seahorse tattoos! (Photo: Melissa)

These bubbles

Beautiful Seahorse Tattoo

Translation anyone? (Photo: Jessa)

This butterfly shaped dorsal fin

Cute Seahorse Tattoo

Purple and turquoise tones give this heavily patterned seahorse design an elegant look. (Photo: Juliet)

This laser beam shooting seahorse

Laser Beam Shooting Seahorse Tattoo

Burning seaweed with my laser beam eyes. No big deal. (Photo: unknown)

This dotwork seahorse on ankle.

Dotwork seahorse on ankle by Annita Maslov

(Photo: Annita Maslov)

These two triangles.

Seahorse tattoo by Emily Kaul

(Photo: Emily Kaul)