60+ Gorgeous Peony Tattoos That Are More Beautiful Than Roses

Peonies, right this way.


You may have never heard of the peony before but in the tattoo industry, its appealing composition has made it a must-consider for anyone contemplating a rose— or any other floral tattoo design for that matter.

The peony is a flowering plant which can be found in most regions of the world. From North America, to Asia, the peony shares many characteristics with that of the rose. They both come in similar colors and posses compound leaves while emitting strong, divine aromas.

While the rose will perhaps never be unseated as the reigning floral queen of the tattoo world, the peony can be just as beautiful when done right. Let’s take a look at some of the best peony tattoo designs that will have you seriously reconsidering that rose.

This dotwork triangle.

Dotwork triangle by Dasha Sumkina

(Photo: Dasha Sumkina)

These pink peonies.

Pink peonies by The Lady Fox

(Photo: The Lady Fox)

This elegant shoulder piece.

Elegant peony tattoo on shoulder by Vitalia Shevchenko

(Photo: Vitalia Shevchenko)

These purple and pink peonies.

Purple and pink peonies by Svetlana Liubchenko

(Photo: Svetlana Liubchenko)

This tiny bicep tat.

Nice little peony on bicep by Sarb

(Photo: Sarb)

This pink peony on wrist.

Lovely pink peony on wrist by Suvi Alalantela

(Photo: Suvi Alalantela)

These colorful foot tattoos.

Rainbow peonies of feet by Splash of Color

(Photo: Splash of Color)

This watercolor creation.

Creative watercolor peony piece by Emily Kaul

(Photo: Emily Kaul)

This transcendent forearm piece.

Amazing peony piece on forearm by Svetlana Liubchenko

(Photo: Svetlana Liubchenko)

This fly on a flower.

Fly on peony by Studio Muscat

(Photo: Studio Muscat)