These 45 Finger Tattoos Are Every Woman’s Summer Goals

You can't unsee these.

45 Finger Tattoos For Women

Finger tattoos have always been a crowd favorite. Their small footprint and Instagram appeal makes these tiny tattoos a popular choice among women—especially when the weather starts to warm. Our list today includes some of the trendiest new designs and ideas, as well as a few oldies just for kicks.

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These elegant leaves.

Elegant leaves by Cristina

(Photo: Cristina)

This poke-through line.

Poke-through line by Juodi Dygsniai

(Photo: Juodi Dygsniai)

This sun, moon, and star.

Sun, moon, and star by Jon Boy

(Photo: Jon Boy)


Joyful by Sol

(Photo: Sol)

These famous monograms.

Louis Vuitton monograms via Simone Jolina Dahm

(Photo: Simone Jolina Dahm)

These matching roses.

Matching roses by Marco

(Photo: Marco)

This crown.

Crown by J ai un Reve

(Photo: J ai un Reve)

These cool finger tats.

by Gemma

(Photo: Gemma)


Destiny by Carmen Zapico

(Photo: Carmen Zapico)

Stay true.

Stay True

(Photo: Unknown)


Youth by Vivo

(Photo: Vivo)


Honey by Jon Boy

(Photo: Jon Boy)

These dotwork designs.

Dotwork finger tattoos by Doctor Woo

(Photo: Doctor Woo)

This victory V.

Victory V by Man Yao

(Photo: Man Yao)

These planets.

Planets by Blue Whale

(Photo: Blue Whale)