43 Heavenly Angel Tattoo Designs

Heavenly Angel Tattoo Designs

Angel tattoos have long been a popular choice for both the spiritual and non-spiritual person alike. For almost as long as humanity has existed, angels have been seen as supernatural, or spiritual, beings that watch over us and occasionally do battle with forces they are in disagreement with. Kind of like a modern day version of a superhero.

For over a thousand years, angels have been the subject of countless paintings and other works of art. This comes as no surprise as one of the oldest, and definitely the most famous book ever written — or put together if you will — depicts angels as the most magnificent creatures that ever existed. It’s these depictions that no doubt that led to the reverence and importance that we’ve placed upon these heavily beings.

How long have people been getting angel tattoos?

For a really long time. In 2014, researchers at the British Museum discovered an angel tattoo on a mummy that’s said to be over 1,300 years old. Next to the tattoo was a greek inscription that when translated reads “Michael”. It’s assumed that this is in reference to Michael the Archangel.

angel tattoo on mummy

Whether it’s the angels’ mystical beauty, or our societies deep reverence associated with them, the angel has certainly become an immensely popular tattoo design. Right up there with the cross, heart, or the Virgin Mary. If you pop open a tattoo design book at any artists studio, you are likely to see a heavy dose of angel tattoo designs.

A stunning mural featuring a renaissance style angel holding up an olive leaf crown.

angel tattoo on stomach


Another renaissance style full back piece of an angel comforting a woman.



This angel tattoo looks like it’s running down the length of her spine.



This angel appears to be pulling a heart out of a box.

Angel tattoo designs lettering typically used to deliver quotes to be conveyed by the user. Many of them insert some verses from the holy book to be written around the angel.

An angel doing battle with a winged demon.


This angel with wings spread wide.



What more do you want from me?


Michael the Archangel carrying a sword



Another great example of Michael the Archangel holding a sword and shield


A beautiful angel in a robe. Would love to see this finished.