45 Beautiful Seashell Tattoos You’ll Love

We promise.

We promise.

The ocean has a calming effect on most people. That is, if you can get past the sharks and endless depths of darkness below that may or may not contain, well, who knows what. But for anyone who’s spent the night at a beachside cottage or simply taken a leisurely stroll in the sand and surf will tell you that the rhythmic pounding of the waves and occasional gull call gives the sea a majestic and undeniably romantic persona that’s as alluring as it is relaxing. Walking on the beach while collecting seashells is a memory most kids remember fondly. Seashells come in many different shapes and sizes and are all unique in their own special way. From watercolor conch shells to minimalistic scallops, seashell tattoos are wonderful way to decorate your skin. Here is a collection of seashell tattoos for your viewing pleasure.

This watercolor conch shell.

Watercolor Conch Shell Tattoo by Emily Geiger

(Photo: Emily Geiger)

This shimmering horn shell.

Horn Shell Tattoo by Mariya Summer

(Photo: Mariya Summer)

This watercolor scallop tattoo.

Watercolor Scallop Tattoo by June Jung

(Photo: June Jung)

This x-ray seashell tattoo.

X-Ray Seashell Tattoo by Balazs Bercsenyi

(Photo: Balazs Bercsenyi)

This luminescent turquoise shell.

Turquoise Seashell Tattoo by Katy Hayward

(Photo: Katy Hayward)

This colorful finger tat.

Colorful Shell Tattoo on Finger by Kay Eliza Unicorn

(Photo: Kay Eliza Unicorn)

This lovely back piece.

Seashell Back Piece by Jessy D

(Photo: Jessy D)

This floral work.

Floral Conch Shell Tattoo by Pissaro

(Photo: Pissaro)