30 Fantastic Frozen-Inspired Tattoo Designs

Olaf you so funnyyy.


Frozen. The movie that swept across the nation with a frenzy that hasn’t been associated with a Disney film in decades. But will it stand the test of time? Will Frozen become a classic and join the ranks of the Snow White’s, Alice in Wonderland’s, and Peter Pan’s? Only time will tell, but for a few individuals, the Frozen film, or should I say film franchise which it’s likely to become, will forever be part of their lives. I’m talking about Frozen tattoos.

While it’s hard to put a finger on exactly what made the film so popular, it’s catchy theme song definitely had a thing or two to do with it’s enormous success.

From framed portraits of Elsa to simple snowflakes, you’ll be nothing short of impressed by these amazing examples of Disney ink.

This colored portrait of Elsa

Frozen Elsa Tattoo

This lovely portrait of Elsa was done in a colored pencil style. Notice the snowflakes in her hair. (Photo: Dahila Rose)

These watercolor snowflakes


Brilliant color scheme. The orange nose goes perfectly with Olaf’s black body and the green and blue watercolor snowflakes. Have you ever seen a happier snowman?

This reindeer ride


Olaf catches a free ride from the loyal Sven. (Photo: Mat Schultz)

This song lyric


“I’ll rise like the break of dawn”. What a unique handwriting font. (Photo: Pinterest)

These forearm tats


This portrait of Elsa and Anna was split over both forearms. When both arms  are placed together, both sisters are reunited. (Photo: Kade)

This amazing portrait of Elsa


This artist managed to capture even the smallest of details from Anna’s freckles down to her suntanned nose. (Photo: Sarah Miller)

My nose is a carrot!


Olaf looks stunned to discover his nose is a carrot. Or maybe he’s just happy to have his nose back. Either way, the expression on his face is priceless. (Photo: Ryan Lucas)

These three little words


A beautiful font to go with wonderfully done snowflakes blowing in the wind. Turquoise and purple work well for snow. (Photo: Esmeralda)

This heart-shaped frame


I know what you’re thinking, “another framed portrait!?”. But this one’s silver and in the shape of a heart. Plus it just looks amazing. Notice the small snowflakes overflowing from the edges. (Photo: Dabs)

These pearly white teeth


Another well executed portrait on Elsa in all her beauty. (Photo: La Roux)