40 Matching Tattoos Every Couple Can Get Behind

Where's yours?

These floral designs.

by Sion

(Photo: Sion)

It’s always a pleasure to find new and creative designs that are anything but traditional couple tattoos. Pink cherry blossoms set against a black backdrop offer an elegant aesthetic that stands out from your usual floral designs.

These TIE fighters.

by UNO

(Photo: UNO)

There’s nothing more “team” than riding and dying together in a couple of matching TIE fighters am I right Star Wars fans? Am I the only person that thinks the new films are any good? I digress.

These smiley faces.

by Masa

(Photo: Masa)

Many couples are looking to create that special bond without breaking the bank or committing to a massive work of art. This is one of those tattoos that checks the whole couple tattoo box while still keeping things discreet.

These planets.

by Mr. K

(Photo: Mr. K)

I’ve always had a thing for finger tattoos of any type. And since society has shed many of the negative taboos once associated with tattoos in general, it gives self-conscious people more freedom to experiment with designs in more high vis locations.

These statues. by EL-E Mags

(Photo: EL-E Mags)

About a year ago we published a piece on Statue of Liberty tattoos. They seem to be relatively popular amongst Americans so here’s another couple for your viewing pleasure. While the statue itself might be American (or French), what it represents is something that everyone can get behind.

To infinity & beyond.

by Mr. K

(Photo: Mr. K.)

Buzz and Woody would definitely approve of this couple’s matching tattoo designs. “To infinity and beyond” is an utterly romantic notion even though it may have originated in an animated children’s movie.

This moon.

by Irchey

(Photo: Irchey)

Sharing a moment under the light of a full moon is a romantic event. So romantic in fact that this couple thought it fitting to literally share a moon for eternity.


by David

(Photo: David)

Every couple has their own pet names they’ve bestowed upon each other. “Honey” being one of the more common monikers, its appearance in cursive as a tattoo, however, is anything but ordinary.

Live by the sun. Love by the moon.

by Iris

(Photo: Iris)

As you may have noticed, these aren’t quite couple tattoos but you can see how perfectly suited they would be for any couple. The choice of colors perfectly compliment one another and give it a slightly playful vibe.

This mountain and wave.

by Svetlana Liubchenko

(Photo: Svetlana Liubchenko)

Couple tattoos don’t have to be matching or even associated with each other. Just the fact that you got inked together is enough to look back and recall a fond memory you shared together. So if you can’t decide on a single design, don’t fret. The experience is really all that matters.

This avocado.

by Andrea Din Don

(Photo: Andrea Din Don)

These designs are quite common but always manage to put a smile of my face. A split avocado? How silly!


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