45 Matching Tattoo Designs for Couples, Siblings, and BFFs

45 Matching Tattoo Designs for Couples, Siblings, and BFFs | TattooBlend

Say that you, against your own will, got talked into getting matching tattoo designs by someone who has a little more influence over you than they probably should. Would you be willing to allow the entire design process to take place in the waiting room of some local tattoo shop? Of course not. You owe it to your relationship to scroll though at least a few hundred (hopefully more) examples of matching tattoo designs before you can even think about settling on a single design.

Whether you’re a couple, with love oozing from your ears, siblings looking for ways to make that brotherly or sisterly bond even stronger, or just best friggin’ friends forever, matching tattoos are always a good idea.

This list is filled with the best matching tattoo designs around. And while there are more than a few designs that we are more than certain you’ll instantly fall in love with, nothing is more special than a creative and unique design that represents your relationship accordingly. So browse the following photos, get inspired, and don’t forget to be original!

These matching blackwork peonies.

Matching peony tattoos by Elizabeth Yakunina

It doesn’t get more elegant than these two matching floral pieces. Lately peonies have been getting more and more popular, perhaps even surpassing the rose as the most commonly inked flower. (Photo: Elizabeth Yakunina)

These heavy blackwork bracelets.

Heavy blackwork bracelets by Dom Wiley

These matching cuffs are way too cool. When it comes to ink, is doesn’t get more awe-inspiring than freshly inked blackwork fill. The bold black ink really sets up the soft dotwork flowers in a way that gives the entire design a uniform feeling without making any single element the focal point. (Photo: Dom Wiley)

These matching best friend tattoos.

Best friend tattoos by Tapz

'Always be there' best friend tattoo by Tapz

If you’re looking for something beautiful to represent your friendship, then a design similar to these delicate flower petals with the words “Always be there” might be worth considering. (Photo: Tapz)

Common types of matching tattoos.

Couple tattoos. By far the most popular, couple tattoos are almost always fueled by, well, the strongest feeling of them all, love. But couple tattoos are also the most dangerous. Love can often cloud your judgement and let’s face it, love doesn’t always last as long as we would like it to. And rushing out during the honeymoon phase to exchange eternal ink vows can come back to haunt you at a later time. We all know someone who has learned this lesson the hard way. With that being said, couple tattoos can also provide a permanent reminder of why you love your significant other in the first place.

Best friend tattoos. Best friend tattoos usually fall under the category of “we’re bored and this seems like it would be fun.” And they usually are! Whether it’s spring break and you’ve just tasted tequila for the first time or you saw a pair of tattoos on Pinterest that you are positive would take your friendship to the next level, a best friend tattoo is a sure-fire way to claim dibs on your best friend forever, letting everyone else know what’s up.

Sibling tattoos. A growing trend, sibling tattoos are a popular way to bring the family even closer together. Popular designs include initials as well as various geometric shapes that can be filled in, or left empty, to indicate each sibling’s position.

These tree lines.

Tree lines via Sarah March

As awesome as they are unique, these tree tattoos feature six trees of various species created using a series of small dots. This theme would work well for sibling tattoos, using trees of different ages to represent each sibling.  (Photo: Sarah March)

These space-themed friendship tats.

Cute space-themed friendship tattoos

Surprisingly enough, this is a pretty popular matching tattoo design which we frequently come across. Sometimes in color, sometimes in only black ink, but this particular set stands out from the rest with its impressive color scheme.  (Photo: Clarissa)

These king and queen couple tattoos.

King and queen couple tattoos by Giulia Carnio

Here we have another popular set of matching tattoos. The king and queen couple tattoo is probably the most widely inked of its type.  (Photo: Giulia Carnio)

These opposite brother tattoos.

Opposite brother tattoos by Matteo Nangeroni

A great concept for any type of matching tattoo design. Literally the opposite of each design.  (Photo: Matteo Nangeroni)

These matching watercolor compass tattoos.

Matching watercolor compass tattoos by Redberry

Sometimes just getting two identical designs is enough. These watercolor compass tattoos feature vivid displays of watercolor technique around a vintage looking compass.  (Photo: Redberry)

His and her knuckle tattoos.

His and her knuckle tattoos by Isaiah Negrete

We need these ASAP. (Photo: Isaiah Negrete)

Rainbow morse code couple tattoos.

Rainbow morse code couple tattoos by Tattooist IDA

(Photo: Tattooist IDA)

These lovely couple tattoos.

Lovely couple tattoos by Mentat Gamze

(Photo: Mentat Gamze)

These beautiful botanical tattoos.

Matching botanical tattoos by Zihwa

(Photo: Zihwa)

Matching hand tats.

Matchings birds by Doctor Woo

(Photo: Doctor Woo)

These elephant sister tattoos.

Elephant sister tattoos by Cagri Durmaz

(Photo: Cagri Durmaz)

These dotwork couple tattoos.

Dotwork couple tattoos by Chris Flynn

(Photo: Chris Flynn)