40 Matching Tattoos Every Couple Can Get Behind

Where's yours?

These watercolor birds.

by Jules Boho

(Photo: Jules Boho)

I’ve been an avid fan of Jules Boho’s work since I started writing this blog way back when. Her watercolor works are beautiful, creative, and highly original—which in this day and age isn’t easy to pull off. For more of her work, head over to her Instagram in the link above for her full portfolio.

These anchors.

by Doctor Woo

(Photo: Doctor Woo)

The whole “You’re my anchor” concept of course isn’t as cheesy as it sounds. I mean, this is a list of couple tattoos so there isn’t really such a thing as “cheesy.” Anchor are common couple tattoos and one of the more meaningful designs if you ask me.

These birds.

by Michelle Santana

(Photo: Michelle Santana)

Michelle Santana is one of my favorite artists at Bang Bang. If I had to pick one word to describe her style and work, it would be “clean.” Each and every one of her designs is so precise and crisp that if you told me they weren’t indeed tattoo designs I would believe you.


by Witty Button

(Photo: Witty Button)

“Always” is perhaps the biggest commitment you could ever make to another person—which is why it carries so much weight. A beautiful font for a beautiful promise.

This family design.

by Jay Shin

(Photo: Jay Shin)

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t quite figured out this design but the composition is what I wanted to showcase to the readers. Lots and lots of design ideas go through my head when I look at this simple equation.

These mandala designs.

by Ira Shmarinova

(Photo: Ira Shmarinova)

Whether foxes of wolves, these furry companions are super-duper cute. The ornamental mandala style instantly gives any design an aura of elegance.

These origami elephants.

by Playground

(Photo: Playground)

Origami elephants are about as cute as cute can be. If it is tiny matching tats you’re after, head over to Playgound’s Instagram page and I guarantee you’ll get much more than you can handle.

These trees.

by Ch Ahn

(Photo: Ch Ahn)

Here’s an idea: start with a small tree, and as your relationship grows, slowly add onto that design. That way you can establish a meaningful ritual while also having a freshly inked design at all times. How does that sound?

These tiny critters.

by Playground

(Photo: Playground)

Again, if you’re looking for a cute little design, Playgound’s Instagram is the place to go for inspiration. In addition to working almost exclusively in miniature, Playgound had a tendency to post new matching designs on a monthly basis.

These dates.


(Photo: CHOLO)

I’m assuming these are dates. Marking perhaps a wedding anniversary or other special occasion. A small infinity symbol can be seen signifying a lifelong bond.