101 Girly Tattoos You’ll Wish You Had This Summer

This year's summer tattoos of our dreams.

101 Girly Tattoos You'll Wish You Had This Summer

People often get inkspired by notions of warm weather and sun-drenched beaches. As summer slowly approaches, the thought of getting your body into summer mode is often met with a mixed bag of emotion. Either you’re excited to show off all that hard work you put in during the “off-season” or you’re on the opposite side of the fence, kicking yourself for not fulfilling your new year’s resolutions and wondering if it’s still possible to escape the skirted bikini.

Regardless of your current situation, a summer tattoo is something every girl wants and can easily have. Those without tattoos often find themselves dreaming of that perfect design as the days get hotter. And those that already have tattoos just can’t seem to get enough.

So it’s settled. You’re getting a tattoo this summer and everyone will love it. Now all you have to do is figure out what that super cute summer tattoo will be. Luckily for you, we’ve done most of the heavy looking. Here, 101 summer tattoo designs for you to draw inspiration from.

This vintage floral moon.

Vintage floral moon tattoo by Tattooist Flower

There are some things in this word just too perfect for words. And although this obviously isn’t one of them, it’s about as close as you can get. We’ve featured a variety of Grain’s impressive crescent moon designs from time to time but his floral-infused pieces always manage to take our breath away.  (Photo: Tattooist Grain)

This gorgeous floral back piece.

Gorgeous floral back piece by Ivan Androsov

Vertical floral back pieces are a really popular trend right now that we expect to see a lot of this summer. Whether it’s black and grey ink, realistic, or watercolor, floral tattoos will no doubt continue their reign as the most commonly tattooed design for women. This particular design uses illustrated blocked colors to give the piece an elegant and romantic feel.  (Photo: Ivan Androsov)


Watercolor L-O-V-E by Georgia Grey

If this design looks familiar it’s because it is. We featured this watercolor “Love” tattoo on an earlier list this year and it was so well received that we decided to include it on our summer tattoo list because, well, it just oozes summer appeal of course. Georgia’s watercolor work has a crisp and clean style that begs to be photographed and shared.  (Photo: Georgia Grey)

This cool deer design.

Cool deer design by Baris Yesilbas

A dream for nature/animal lovers, this design features a number of different design elements including a stag, colorful watercolor florals, and various geometric accents. If you look closely at the stag’s head, you’ll notice a small unicorn horn!  (Photo: Baris Yesilbas)

This picture-perfect back bouquet.

Picture perfect floral bouquet on back by Handitrip

We’ve got top scientists trying to figure out how “Handitrip” manages to capture such beauty and class in each and every design. As if the stunning bouquet wasn’t enough by itself, the minimalistic hand is a perfect creative compliment that makes this design ever so original.  (Photo: Handitrip)

This jasmine tattoo.

Jasmine memorial design by Koray Karagozler

If you’re getting sick of floral tattoos then you might want to leave now. Nothing spells summer quite like a bouquet of beautiful flowers. However, this unique design incorporates abstract shapes and a line of text which reads “You don’t have a soul, you have a body, you are a soul.”   (Photo: Koray Karagozler)

This perfect summer tattoo.

Summer swim tattoo by Violeta Arus

Here we have another uber creative design which illustrates a swimmer encountering a couple of sea turtles while underwater. A subtle, barely visible waterline and a few bubbles perfectly puts the subjects underwater without the use of colorful inks. (Photo: Violeta Arus)

This watercolor world map.

Watercolor world map tattoo by Marta Szumigaj

Watercolor world maps were a huge trend last summer and it looks like they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. We’ve seen them on backs, wrists, and even feet but this gorgeous rib cage work, as far as location is concerned, can’t be beat.  (Photo: Marta Szumigaj)

This delicate floral thigh piece.

Delicate floral thigh piece by Tritoan Ly

Sometimes black ink is everything and anything you could ever possibly need to achieve that ideal look you’ve been chasing. The perfect combination of sexy and cute, this colorless floral thigh piece is a great look for anyone looking for a timeless tattoo design that’s not afraid to bare a little ink when summer rolls along.  (Photo: Tritoan Ly)

This half geometric lion.

Half geometric lion by Ivan Androsov

Celebrate your artistic side with something colorful and creative. This playful design features an illustrated watercolor lion on one side and a geometric mash-up of shapes on the other.  (Photo: Ivan Androsov)