40 Matching Tattoos Every Couple Can Get Behind

Where's yours?

Fingerprint hearts.

by Chang

(Photo: Chang)

Fingerprints are the absolute coolest couple tattoos you can get. If you can get your artist to replicate your beau’s actual fingerprint, you’ve got something super sentimental and uber special. I’m not quite sure what’s going on with these butterfly-shaped prints, but they’ve definitely got my seal of appeal.

These travel tattoos.

by Evgenymel

(Photo: Evgenymel)

Last year was the year of travel tattoos. Literally everywhere you looked was a different take on the whole “plane-circling-the-globe” concept. I’m not saying I don’t approve of these designs, just emphasizing their popularity. And these turquoise-rimmed designs are some of my favorites.

These cosmic creations.

by Ayhan Karadag

(Photo: Ayhan Karadag)

Space-themed couple tattoos are surprisingly popular as well. I don’t think anyone anticipated their popularity and to be completely honest, I’m not sure why they are as popular as they are. These two designs are done in the watercolor style and feature playful accents and even bits of white ink.

The King and Queen of hearts.

by Terrie

(Photo: Terrie)

No list of couple tattoos would be complete without at least one set of King and Queen themed designs. I guess there’s no shame in elevating your relationship status to royalty.

These skulls.

by Wicky Nicky

(Photo: Wicky Nicky)

Matching tattoos can be of whatever you want. They don’t have to make sense. Simply the fact that you and your significant other have the same design is enough to qualify them as couple tattoos—and are in essence what couple tattoos are all about.

These wolves.

by Maks

(Photo: Maks)

The wolf is a symbol of loyalty and guardianship which makes it perfect for couples looking for a suitable spirit animal to represent their relationship. In this case, the masculine wolf is slightly larger than its female counterpart.

This watercolor couple.

by June Jung

(Photo: June Jung)

Illustrations of one another is definitely one way to go when creating meaningful couple tattoos that are instantly recognizable to anyone viewing them. These watercolor portraits are of a Korean couple in traditional clothing.

These hearts.

by Heemee

(Photo: Heemee)

Tattooist Heemee is all about creating tiny gem-like designs. Her Instagram is full of these wonderful creations like the ones above, which as illustrated above, make for wonderful couple tattoos.

This pear and peach.

by Hongdam

(Photo: Hongdam)

Peaches and pears go together like, well, do they even go together? I know there are a number of recipes that call for the two fruits to be mixed together but I can’t say I’ve had the pleasure of trying one myself. And if you look hard enough, you can find a recipe for just about anything.


by Marta

(Photo: Marta)

You know what they say, “Teamwork makes the dream work.” And it’s that teamwork that plays an integral role in the success of any prosperous and healthy relationship.