33 Delightful Ankle Bracelet Tattoos for Women

Go low or go home.

33 Delightful Ankle Bracelet Tattoos for Women

Everybody loved the look of anklets…in the 90’s. But what was once cool is now cool again, thanks to Hailey Baldwin and her trendsetting ways and the ever revolving door that is fashion. Last year Hailey was photographed rocking a very unique gold banded anklet during a springtime stroll. Since that day, the once fashionable ankle bracelet was all of a sudden back at the cool table.

So why not double down and get an ankle bracelet tattoo? Nicole Richie has one. You’ll never lose it and you don’t have to worry about taking it off when you go through airport security. Besides those questionable reasons to get an anklet tattoo, we’ve put together a gallery of 33 photos that are definitely persuasive enough to push you over the fence should you be on it.

This lotus flower anklet tattoo.

Lotus flower anklet by Sashatattooing

Our absolute favorite type of anklet tattoos are the dainty, barely there designs that hang realistically on the ankle. This design meets all those qualifications and includes a single mandala charm that really brings the piece together.  (Photo: Sashatattooing)

This colorful feathered anklet tattoo.

Colorful feathered anklet tattoo by Tattooist River

You’ll quickly notice that feathered anklet’s are a reoccurring theme on this list. For some reason they are far and away the most popular type of anklet tattoo. If you’re looking for something colorful and packed full of detail, this brilliant beaded feather anklet will no doubt inspire your next design.  (Photo: Tattooist River)

This naturalistic anklet.

Naturalistic anklet tattoo by Zihee

In typical Zihee fashion, this design holds up with the best of them. For those of you thinking tiny, cute, and floral, a floral anklet is a popular trend that’s ever so elegant. (Photo: Zihee)

This ornamental anklet with feather.

Ornamental anklet by Veronica Krasovska

Sometimes photos just come together so well it makes the thought of denying your Instagram or Pinterest page the image seem almost sacrilege. This is one of those photos. The bronzed skin, pink nail polish, and even the tippy toed pose make this dangling ornamental ink design a feast for the eyes.  (Photo: Veronica Krasovska)

This charm anklet tattoo.

Charm anklet tattoo by Ana Abrahao

Is that a book? How cool. Micro in its design, this gorgeous anklet features a variety of different cutesy charms with bow tied marks to give it an extra adorable quality. If this design catches your eye than be sure to check out Ana’s Instagram page for more anklet tattoos like this one.  (Photo: Ana Abrahao)

These three bands.

Cool anklet tattoo by Tattooist River

Want to add an extra touch of colorful magic to your ankle line? Multiple bands of color will get the job done. This simple progression of color is wonderful in its simplicity. Thanks River, this design is definitely going into my personal tattoo inspiration folder.  (Photo: Tattooist River)

This anchor anklet.

Anchor anklet by Maya Ismaiel

Here we have another super simple design that just might be our favorite design on the list. Everything from the inline weaved beads to the blackwork anchor gives this piece a simple and elegant look that will age beautifully.  (Photo: Maya Ismaiel)

These initials.

Anklet with initials tattoo by Mitsuki

We couldn’t figure out the story behind these initials but we’re assuming it’s the usual best friend, sibling, or couple situation. Super clean lines we love you.  (Photo: Mitsuki)

This floral anklet.

Floral anklet by Tattooist Silo

Another floral anklet graces our list, this time full of colorful blossoms and a color scheme that just oozes spring. Tattooist Silo contributes a few different designs to our list, always unique and full of color.  (Photo: Tattooist Silo)

These red beads.

Red beaded anklet by Omi Debua

This is a great design that can really shine in a pair of thongs or be completely concealed when you’re feeling like being a little more conservative. Another feather anklet, surprise, but the 3D traits give this piece a level of depth that keeps you coming back for more.  (Photo: Omi Debua)