32 Perfect Best Friend Tattoo Designs

Friends forever.


Not everyone has a best friend. And if you’re lucky enough to count yourself among those lucky few who do, don’t take them for granted. In fact, you should probably go out and get matching tattoos to celebrate. Just kidding. But if you’re already in the market or just like to look at cool ink, here are  a few best friend tattoo deigns that totally rock.

This matching sun and moon.

Sun & Moon Best Friend Tattoo by Morgan Gatekeeper

(Photo: Morgan Gatekeeper)

These matching mountain scenes.

Mountain Best Friend Tattoos by Brady Cyr

(Photo: Brady Cyr)

This separated sandwich.

PB & J Best Friend Tattoos by Steffen Jewell

One of the more popular friendship tattoos, these cute little sandwich slices are friggin awesome. ‘Cause best friends go together like peanut butter and jelly. (Photo: Steffen Jewell)

We’re all mad here.

We're All Mad Here Best Friend Tattoos by Tiana

A famous line from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland that’s probably the most frequently tattooed quote from the book.  (Photo: Tiana)

These heart-shaped hot air balloons.

Hot Air Balloon Best Friend Tattoos by Alexandra Fische

Jewels attached to jewels using bright colors that capture the viewer’s attention. (Photo: Alexandra Fische)

These gorgeous hummingbirds.

Hummingbird Best Friend Tattoos by Adam Watkins

One of the more elaborate sets of connecting tattoos on the list, when put together these two hummingbirds look as if they’re feeding from the same flower. (Photo: Adam Watkins)

These negative space pandas.

Matching Panda Best Friend Tattoos by Resul Odabas

We’ve only seen a few of these designs but we have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more in the near future. An incredibly creative design done with just a touch of black ink.  (Photo: Resul Odabas)

Girl power.

Matching Girl Power Tattoos by Day Lima

Cute and to the point. (Photo: Day Lima)

These matching soft serve ice cream cones.

Best Friend Tattoos by Greez Da Beast

The level of detail the artist was able to achieve with these two ice cream cones is nothing short of spectacular. (Photo: Greez Da Beast)

These cool crystal clusters.

Best Friend Crystal Tattoos by Metamorphosis

(Photo: Metamorphosis)