40 Breathtaking State of California Tattoos

Reppin' the west coast as the best coast.


Many will argue that California is the best state. And if you’ve ever visited this golden state, you probably understand why Californians are so proud of their west coast paradise.

Perfect weather, beautiful people, the glamour that Hollywood offersand a close proximity to leisurely destinations like Las Vegas and Mexico — not to mention being home to cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Francisco — make it tough to compete with the amenities that California has to offer.

As true for people from every state, pride of residency leads to some pretty spectacular examples of state tattoos. And California as you would guess, is no exception.

This galactic masterpiece


By tattoo master craftsman Halasz Matyas.

This San Francisco tribute

San Francisco State of California Tattoo

From the famous Lombard Street — dubbed the crookedest street in the world, to the Golden Gate Bridge, this black and white San Francisco themed tattoo reps the bay area pretty darn hard. (Photo: Let It Bleed)


Beautiful State of California Tattoo

Orange California poppies decorate this monochrome mashup of all things Cali. Way to go Curt Baer.

This rose-filled outline

Rose State of California Tattoo

Sometimes you just gotta go floral. Black and white roses fill this slender slice of paradise. (Photo: Richard Isaac Antunez)

This honeycomb grizzly

State of California Bear Tattoo

The California grizzly, now extinct, was a subspecies of the Grizzly bear that still roams pockets of the continental northwest and most of Alaska. The Grizzly became a symbol of the Bear Flag Republic which was later adopted by the State of California. (Photo: Mary Jane)

This gorgeous sunset

Sunset State of California Tattoo

A common view while driving down Pacific Coast Highway. (Photo: Michelle Rubano)

This forearm tattoo

State of California Tattoo

I love me some California. That font is out of this world and everything about this piece just oozes awesomeness. (Photo: Twisted Illusions)


California roses by Isaiah Negrete

(Photo: Isaiah Negrete)

California Republic

California Republic State Tattoo

The State of California complete with water indicator in case you get confused. (Photo: Redteam)

This shredded bicep tattoo

Flag of California Tattoo

What a spectacular piece. Here we have the Bear Flag, which was first signed into law in 1911 and has served as the state’s flag ever since. (Photo: Jeff Norton)