35 Most Impressive Mouth, Lip, and Kiss Tattoos

We might have just made your summer.

35 Most Impressive Mouth, Lip, and Kiss Tattoos

Whether you’re looking for tattoos of actual lips or just the mark they leave when lathered with lipstick, you’ll find plenty of each variety here along with a few other creative designs that are equally enticing.

The mouth is a highly sensual part of the human body. According to expert face readers, a person’s lips can say just as much about them as their eyes. But without getting into too much detail, let’s just say lips are attractive, and make for great tattoos when done right.

Ever since the world first laid eyes upon Pamela Anderson’s lips tattooed proudly on a certain famous rocker’s neck, the concept of lipstick tattoos has exploded in popularity among both men and women alike. From pretty pink puckers to mesmerizing dotwork designs, join us while we take a look at 35 gorgeous examples of lip tattoo designs.

This watercolor lips tattoo.

Watercolor lips tattoo by Tattooist Banul

“Perfect” is the first word that comes to mind when trying to describe this tattoo. Banul is one of our favorite watercolor tattooists, using the technique sparingly, yet just enough to give life to her beautifully drawn pieces. These lips are perhaps the most realistic looking pair on the list, even though they have a magical watercolor finish.  (Photo: Tattooist Banul)

These vampire teeth.

Vampire teeth tattoo by Brendon

Brendon’s fascination with lips has produced some excellent examples of dotwork lips—there’s more than a few of his works on this list. Here we have a set of vampire fangs among dotwork lips and a bold black outline to give everything a clean and crisp look.  (Photo: Brendon)

This ‘Kiss Me’ lips tattoo.

'Kiss Me' lips tattoo by Hamil

All lips are longing to be kissed. This pair is just a little more up front about things. A quirky lip bite and a few sketch style lines give this piece all sorts of character.  A lover’s lip tattoo if there ever was one.  (Photo: Hamil)

This fiery mouth tattoo.

Fiery mouth tattoo by Johnny Gloom

Looking like something from a 40’s film noir poster, these negative space flames inside a black ink mouth are about as cool as cool gets. Creative out-of-the-box designs are always a win in our book.  (Photo: Johnny Gloom)

These dripping lips.

Dripping lips tattoo by EL-E MAGS

If that “oops, I think this tattoo just made my day” moment just happened to you, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Embrace it, set it as your mobile wallpaper and send EL-E a courtesy thank you message over on Instagram.  (Photo: EL-E MAGS)

This dotwork composition.

Dotwork kissing mouths by Parvick

Parvick’s signature linework/dotwork mashup makes for an amazing and unique texture that’s instantly recognizable no matter how many designs you look at on a daily basis. This design oozes sexual overtone, illustrating two lover’s sharing a passionate yet playful moment.  (Photo: Parvick)

This artist’s lips.

Artist's lips by Anton

We promise you, if you get this tattoo you will instantly be inspired to create whatever it is you create—perhaps just a sandwich. This artistic artist’s tattoo is perfect for anyone with a creative side that enjoys making art.  (Photo: Anton)

These splashy watercolor lips.

Splashy watercolor lips by Georgia Grey

You’ll see a similar design done by Georgia later on down the list but rest assured, it is a different design. This concept was just too cool so we thought you wouldn’t mind a little repetitiveness. Every piece Georgia creates is guaranteed awesome, so check out her Instagram page for a full look at what she’s recently been up to.  (Photo: Georgia Grey)

These linework lips.

Linework lips tattoo by Heidi Kaye

Another innocent yet seductive lip bite; this time in a lavish linework display. There’s something about this piano key pattern that looks better the further you get from the screen.  (Photo: Heidi Kaye)

This zebra print kiss tattoo.

Zebra print kiss tattoo by Mathias Probst

Looking for a great bikini tattoo? Nothing says “I like to party” like a starry zebra print set of lips. A+ for uniqueness and style. We’re not 100 percent sure how comfortable we’d be with the placement though. That’s a whole lot of attention on a very private area.  (Photo: Mathias Probst)