40 Breathtaking State of California Tattoos

Reppin' the west coast as the best coast.

This highway shield

State of California Highway Tattoo

This creative “West Coast” design incorporates the California Grizzly into a highway shield. (Photo: William Trickle)

Eureka is home

Eureka Northern California State Tattoo

No, not the interjection, I’m talking about the northern California City of Eureka. Beautiful poppies, the Golden Gate Bridge, doesn’t this tattoo make you wanna sell your stuff and move to out west? (Photo: O’Reilly)

This simple indicator

Simple State of California Tattoo

Home is where the heart is. Who said simple can’t be beautiful. (Photo: Catherine B)

This gorgeous grizzly silhouette

The Absolute Best State of California Tattoo

A silhouette collage of the Golden Gate Bridge and all the beauty that surrounds it — if you’re looking from the right angle of course. Notice the mountains strategically placed to form the bear’s mouth. I find this tattoo simply divine. (Photo: Chase Tafoya)

Small yet spectacular

Small State of California Tattoo

This elegantly simple bicep tattoo has just the right amount of style. (Photo: Luke Wessman)

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This brown bear

State of California Bear Flag Tattoo

In case you were wondering, the lone red star on California’s state flag pays homage to the state of Texas, which at the time of the flag’s creation was also fighting a war with Texas. (Photo: Anita Valdez)

This San Francisco bear

Golden Gate Bear Tattoo

The Golden Gate Bridge serves as a beautiful prop to many picturesque sunsets. (Photo: Marc Durrant)

This gold tooth

Cool Skull State of California Tattoo

A fitting tribute to California’s gold rush and the 49ers perhaps? (Photo: Adam Sky)

This bay area bear

State of California Tattoo

A beautiful black and white tribute to all of this guy’s favorite bay area sports teams. The Golden State Warriors, San Francisco 49ers, and the San Francisco Giants. (Photo: Temple Tattoo)

This SoCal foot tat

California Foot Tattoo

“California” always looks so elegant in cursive. (Photo: Sick Dogs)