37 Captivating Anchor Tattoos Straight From The Sea


37 Captivating Anchor Tattoo Designs | TattooBlend

When you hear the word “tattoo,” the first image that usually comes to mind is an old salty sea dog with an eye patch, parrot on one shoulder, and an anchor tattoo somewhere on his exposed flesh.

Anchors, ship’s helms, ships themselves and various other maritime themed designs have always been popular tattoo choices. There’s something romantic about the sea and all things related that’s just too cool to pass up.

From neo traditional tattoos to dotwork designs, anchor tattoos have come a long ways in a relatively short period of time. Here are a few of the best anchor tattoos from across the web. Enjoy!

This neo traditional anchor tattoo.

Neo Traditional Anchor Tattoo by Keath Supsic

(Photo: Keath Supsic)

This hyperrealism anchor tattoo.Hyperrealism Anchor Tattoo by Ricardo Piaa

(Photo: Ricardo Piaa)

This amazing dotwork design.

Dotwork Anchor Tattoo by Taras Shtanko

(Photo: Taras Shtanko)

This geometric anchor tattoo.

Geometric Anchor Tattoo Design by Okan Uckun

(Photo: Okan Uckun)

This nautical thigh piece.

Nautical Thigh Tattoo by Coffee Mun

(Photo: Coffee Mun)

This sketch style anchor.

Sketch style anchor tattoo by Tiago Oliveira

(Photo: Tiago Oliveira)

These splashes of color.

Colorful Watercolor Anchor Tattoo by Uilian Garcez

(Photo: Uilian Garcez)

This backlit compass.

Anchor and Compass Tattoo by Eduardo Rodrigo

(Photo: Eduardo Rodrigo)

This beautiful back piece.

Rose and Anchor Tattoo by Matias Torres

(Photo: Matias Torres)

This upper forearm work.

Small Anchor Tattoo by Flavio Carnevalli

(Photo: Flavio Carnevalli)

This watercolor anchor tattoo on calf.

Watercolor Anchor Tattoo on Calf by Felipe Rodrigues Fe Rod

(Photo: Felipe Rodrigues Fe Rod)