Top 40 Best Wu-Tang Tattoo Designs

Bring Da Ruckus.

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You’d be hard pressed to find a more influential hip-hop group in all of history than the Wu-Tang Clan. I mean, they are hip-hop. They broke barriers, created new genres, and introduced hip-hip to millions of people around the world. If there’s even an inkling of doubt about the Wu’s greatness as a group, just look at what each member managed to accomplish on their own. Staten Island legends RZA a.k.a Bobby Digital, Ol’ Ditry Bastard, GZA, Raekwon, Method Man, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, Masta Killah, and U-God all went on to relatively successful solo careers after the group went their separate ways.

Although their music might not flood the radio waves like it once did, the golden age of hip-hop will forever be immortalized by the iconic lyrics and innovative style of the Wu-Tang Clan.

This Samurai sword.

Wu-Tang Tattoo by Jarek Zagiel

(Photo: Jarek Zagiel)

This perfectly shaped slice of pizza.

Wu-Tang Pizza Tattoo by Ry-Tang

(Photo: Ry-Tang)

This blackwork rose.

Blackwork Wu-Tang Tattoo by Tintenfass

(Photo: Tintenfass)

These Japanese cherry blossoms.

Wu-Tang Tattoo Design by Cisco

(Photo: Cisco)

This geometric Wu-Tang tattoo.

Geometric Wu-Tang Tattoo by Colin

(Photo: Colin)

This abstract work.

Abstract Wu-Tang Tattoo by Nickolas Avgeris

(Photo: Nickolas Avgeris)

This monochromatic floral piece.

Floral Wu-Tang Tattoo by David Bruehl

(Photo: David Bruehl)

This cityscape.

Wu-Tang Tattoo by SouthSide

(Photo: SouthSide)

This traditional Wu-Tang tattoo.

Floral Wu-Tang Tattoo by CJ Whitson

(Photo: CJ Whitson)

These jumping geometric lines.

Linework Wu-Tang Tattoo by RCKL

(Photo: RCKL)