40 Breathtaking State of California Tattoos

Reppin' the west coast as the best coast.

This pretty lady

California Pride Tattoo

This gorgeous piece features a rose, a lowrider, the California state grizzly, and of course this beautiful female with her own LA tat. (Photo: Antonio Macko)

Made in California

Made in California Tattoo

A creative twist on the California State Flag with the grizzly playing a more prominent role. (Photo: Last Sparrow)

This lifestyle piece

State of California Tattoo

This just looks cool. “Calilife” sprawled out along the surface of the state with an engraved font and a deep drop shadow. (Photo: American Iron)

This state collage

State of California Tattoo

So much cali here. (Photo: Deann Wardin)

Living the dream

Beautiful State of California Tattoo

A unique font choice but that sunset is something special. Black silhouetted palm trees set against a sunset always screams Cali. (Photo: Anthony McMullen)

These California roots


I can’t imagine this Colorado tattoo shop does many State of California tattoos. But when your roots are in Cali, sometimes you just gotta ask for what the heart wants no matter what the locale.

California love

California Love Tattoo

One of my favorite tattoos on the list. The phrase “California love” made world famous by the late Tupac Shakur hits a deeper note for those who call California home. (Photo: Pinterest)

This black & white bear

California Bear Tattoo

Go bears. California bears that is. (Photo: Twisted)

California hibiscus

State of Cali Tattoo

Here we have a lightly shaded State of California flanked by three beautiful hibiscus flowers. At least I think they’re hibiscus flowers. If anyone with more botanical knowledge than me can either confirm or deny this it would be greatly appreciated. (Photo: unknown)

This fantastical furry fellow

Adorable State of California Tattoo

From the adorable subject matter to the delicate font, this piece truly is in a league of it’s own. Props to Erik Jacobsen for a job well done.