40 Breathtaking State of California Tattoos

Reppin' the west coast as the best coast.

Via Orange County


Another mash up of all things Cali in black and white. He might be from SoCal but he’s got love for the whole state.  (Photo: Nathaniel Madore)

This floral state

Floral California State Tattoo

Can you name any of those islands? (Photo: Matt Carlisle)

This fearsome grizzly

Fearsome California Grizzly Tattoo

Not something you ever wanna see in person. The bear that is, not the tattoo. (Photo: Just Deadly)

This Monte Carlo


Here we have a Monte Carlo cruising by the famous Imperial Beach boardwalk. Check out this awesome video showing a behind the scenes view of this tattoo being inked.

This state flag


A cool cut out of the state flag. Does anyone else just love the color combination on this flag? (Photo: unknown)

These bare bones

bare bones

The California grizzly in x-ray form. (Photo: unknown)

This red rose


One colored rose set between it’s two colorless counterparts. Beautiful. (Photo: brownpride)

This San Diego sunset

California Sunset Tattoo

Another jaw-dropping sunset. (Photo: Chronic Tattoo)

This misty outline

California Tattoo

An outline of the state serves as a backdrop to one California’s wooded piers. (Photo: Sick Dogs)

This gorgeous font


(Photo: unknown)

This surfer’s tat

California Surfer Tattoo

This tattoo features a surf board and that iconic VW van that’s become synonymous with California’s surf culture. (Photo: unknown)



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