36 Stunning Watercolor Flower Tattoos

Currently the hottest thing in floral.

This creative watercolor lily.

Watercolor Lilies by Sandro Secchin Simão

A single yellow lily set in front of two stylized boxes.  (Photo: Sandro Secchin Simão)

This neat wrist tattoo.

Watercolor Lotus on Wrist by A. Woods

Another beautiful lotus flower. (Photo: A. Woods)

This fantastic upper arm piece.

Watercolor Flowers on Arm by Felipe Rodrigues Fe Rod

More poppies but this time from our favorite watercolor tattooist Felipe Rodrigues Fe Rod.

This spectacular side tat.

Watercolor Cherry Blossoms by June Jung

This large cherry blossom branch features running shades of pink and turquoise. (Photo: June Jung)

These outstanding orchids.

Watercolor Orchids by Russell Van Schaick

Fun fact: There are over 25,000 different types of orchids. The most of any flower type. (Photo: Russell Van Schaick)


Watercolor Poppies by Russell Van Schaick

A large poppy towers above two smaller buds waiting to bloom. (Photo: Russell Van Schaick)

This ornamental lotus flower.

Watercolor Mandala Lotus Tattoo by Aleks Mothra

A colorless mandala lotus flower is backlit by a splendid blend of watercolor ink. A few charms dangle from the design like icicles from a rooftop. (Photo: Aleks Mothra)

This botanical beauty.

Watercolor Flowers by Julia Rehme

A bevy of different colors were used to create these watercolor flowers. (Photo: Julia Rehme)

This lovely shoulder piece.

Watercolor Flowers on Shoulder by Lenara

Minimalistic flowers filled in with a touch of turquoise and purple ink. (Photo: Lenara)

This magical thigh piece.

Watercolor Flowers on Thigh by Stupenka

Now this is how you do roses. (Photo: Stupenka)

This gorgeous blend of color.

Watercolor Flowers on Arm by Justin Nordine

(Photo: Justin Nordine)

This sprawling back piece.

Floral full back piece by Lenara

Another pleasant, yet sparsely colored work that uses only a hint of red ink to accentuate the blossoms. (Photo: Lenara)

This slathered rose.

Watercolor Rose Tattoo by Szymon Gdowicz

Here we have a large rose covered in thick brushstrokes giving the edges of the flower pedals a soft red glow.  (Photo:  Szymon Gdowicz)


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