45 Fascinating Dragonfly Tattoo Designs

Our favorite member of the Odonata family.

45 Fascinating Dragonfly Tattoo Designs | TattooBlend

Whether dragonflies fascinate and intrigue you, or just give you the heebie-jeebies, there’s no denying the beauty that nature has bestowed up these magical insects.

As of this year, there are currently over five thousand different species of dragonfly. Ranging in size from 15mm to as large as 8 inches in length, dragonflies can get a little frightening if you’re not a bug person. For most people it’s the loud buzzing of the wings, similar to that of a large bumble bee. And if that creeps you out, just be glad you weren’t around 300 million years ago when dragonflies the size of small kids were doing life.

The aesthetically pleasing outline and diverse color scheme make the dragonfly a popular tattoo choice. From elegant dotwork designs to elaborate watercolor masterpieces, we’ve put together a unique gallery of dragonfly tattoos that will inspire and awe all who dare to scroll. These are the best dragonfly tattoos on the internet. Period.

This green and blue dragonfly.

Green and blue dragonfly tattoo by Jean Alvarez

Some of the best pieces on the list are hyperrealistic desings. That is, designs that look surprisingly vivid and life-like. With a small addition of white ink, Jean was able to expertly add a wonderful sheen to the wings.  (Photo: Jean Alvarez)

These dotwork wings.

Dragonfly tattoo with dotwork wings by East Iz

This design was created with such a close pattern of dots that it almost doesn’t even look like a dotwork design at all. (Photo: East Iz)

This splashy watercolor back piece.

Splashy watercolor dragonfly tattoo by Ewa Sroka

Ewa Sroka always gives animals (and insects) such an amazing watercolor twist. In this large back piece you’ll notice her signature splatter technique with colors that compliment each other perfectly.  (Photo: Ewa Sroka)

This watercolor forearm piece.

Blue watercolor dragonfly on forearm by Aleksandra Kozubska

This abstract watercolor fill features various shades of blue ink.  (Photo: Aleksandra Kozubska)

This tiny dragonfly tattoo on wrist.

Tiny dragonfly tattoo on wrist by Chamarro

(Photo: Chamarro)

Dragonflies belong to the Odonata family of insects. The word “dragonfly” was supposedly derived from ancient beliefs that dragonflies descended from dragons. Ya, the fire-breathing type.

This perfect shoulder tat.

Dragonfly on shoulder by Shpadyreva Julia

When you look at this design you can’t help but notice the way it perfectly suits the location. It’s your basic dragonfly shape with subtle gradients on the wings using dots and grey ink.  (Photo: Shpadyreva Julia)

These matching couple tattoos.

Matching dragonfly couple tattoos by Carla Galvao

Tiny matching dragonflies make the perfect couple or best friend tats. (Photo: Carla Galvao)

This sketch style dragonfly.

Sketch style dragonfly tattoo by Inez Janiak

This sketch style dragonfly almost has a geometric pattern to it. (Photo: Inez Janiak)

This delightful design.

Dragonfly tattoo design by Aline Wata

Here we have a black dotwork dragonfly set to a harmonious backdrop of changing colors. (Photo: Aline Wata)

This delicate dragonfly tattoo on rib cage.

Delicate dragonfly tattoo on rib cage by Doctor Woo

Single needle perfection anyone? (Photo: Doctor Woo)