40+ Super Cute Sister Tattoos

Sisterhood, yay!

40 Super Cute Sister Tattoo Designs | TattooBlend

She’s your sister. Matching tattoos should almost be a requirement should your lineage ever be called into question. After all, not everyone has the advantage of being identical twins so how else is the general population supposed to know that she’s your sister and you’re hers. But in all seriousness, the connection that sisters share is only something that can be experienced, not explained. Here is a list of amazing sister tattoos to celebrate the bond of sisterhood.

These matching floral sister tattoos.

Floral Watercolor Sister Tattoos by Jordan Ashley

According to the artist, each sister wanted their own semi-unique design—which looks to have been achieved by simply adjusting the color of the flower. There are a few of these designs floating around out there and it’s easy to see why. (Photo: Jordan Ashley)

These heart rate tattoos.

Heart Rate Sister Tattoos by Jeff Ward

These squiggly lines are technically known as “breaks,” but most people associate them with hospital heart rate monitors. (Photo: Jeff Ward)

These tiny arrows.

Tiny Sister Tattoos by Jessica Guerra

Getting matching sister tattoos doesn’t always mean that the designs have to contain the word “sisters,” or have an image of two sisters doing sister things. In fact, most of the designs on this list are just cute matching tattoos that happened to be chosen by sisters. These tiny arrow tattoos are a stylish low key design idea that’s cute, quick, fun, and relatively painless. (Photo: Jessica Guerra)

This connecting quote.

Connecting Quote Sister Tattoo by Faelan Wilson

While we wouldn’t want to have to constantly explain to everyone how this tattoo is part of a larger work of art, it’s definitely a cool design that’s about as unique as it is creative. (Photo: Faelan Wilson)

This sun and moon.

Sun and Moon Sister Tattoos by SteviRee Barney

There’s a few sun and moon tattoos on this list due to their overwhelming popularity. “The 🌞 and the 🌙, day & night, only 2, just like us.” (Photo: SteviRee Barney)

These colorful Matryoshka dolls.

Russian Nesting Doll Sister Tattoos by Deanna Taylor

Matryoshka dolls, also commonly referred to as Russian nesting dolls, are sets of wooden dolls of diminishing size that fit neatly into each other. The best ones are usually made of chocolate, but this exceptionally vivid pair comes in at a close second. (Photo: Deanna Taylor)

These swinging sister tattoos.

Swinging Sister Tattoos by Jeffrolowe

Far and away the most popular sister tattoo design, this connecting pair of sisters sitting on swings has been recreated time and again for sisters who just can’t resit this pleasant design.  (Photo: Jeffrolowe)

These cute constellations.

Constellation Sister Tattoos

We’re not sure what the names of these constellations are but they sure are beautiful. This set of constellations is one of the more detailed examples we’ve seen. (Photo: Nieves Arias)

These Disney sister tattoos.

Disney Sister Tattoo Designs

Ohana means family. It also happens to be a scrumptious tropical-themed Polynesian restaurant at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. (Photo: Marissa Smith)

These matching mermaid tattoos.

Matching mermaid sister tattoos by Marquinho Andre

(Photo: Marquinho Andre)

These matching sugar skulls.

Sugar Skull Sister Tattoos by Rachelle Downs

According to the artist, one sister preferred the blackwork version more and decided to go in that direction. Sugar skulls are a Mexican tradition—although introduced by Spanish missionaries—of making skulls out of sugar and then decorating them to celebrate the Day of the Dead. (Photo: Rachelle Downs)