40 Tattoos for Women of All Ages

An all-in-one guide for women of all ages.

It used to be that great tattoo designs were hard to come by. You walked into a tattoo studio waiting room, picked up the book on the coffee table and were immediately greeted with every tattoo an 18th-century sailor would get no questions asked.

But luckily for you, times have changed. Instagram, Pinterest, and of course handy-dandy websites like ours introduce you to exciting and fascinating designs that are seemingly all exactly what you had in mind.

So basically what I’m saying is that there is no excuse for you to get a bad tattoo. Zero. Zilch. None.

In fact, there has never been a better time to get a tattoo than right now. The talent, the ink, the ideas, and the overall standard of ink has put us into a golden age of skin art that’s led the way for designs we never would have imagined possible before.

And no matter what your age may be, we’ve got something here for you that you’re guaranteed to love.

If you’re a woman seeking ink, check out:

This snake.

Snake by Francesco Rossetti

Now of course a normal snake tattoo is probably the least cool tattoo you could possibly get these days, but all it takes is a little creativity to transform a simple reptile into something truly amazing to look at. Just take a look at the example above, a snake created solely from single black lines. (Photo: Francesco Rossetti)

This carnation.

Carnation by Doy

Thanks in part to artists like Doy, a flower tattoo has morphed into so much more than just a flower tattoo. The level of detail we’re use to seeing in flowers these days is a feat not easily achieved, so when you head to your local tattooist, you may have to lower your expectations just a little. (Photo: Doy)

This colorful sea turtle.

Sea turtle by Sol

If you’re looking to show off your appreciation for nature, then a colorful sea turtle may be the perfect answer. Colorful corals and tiny fish frame the small turtle to make for a more appealing overall composition. And if you’re really into sea turtle tattoos, you’ll love this list we put together a few years back. (Photo: Sol)

These flower petals.

by Nando

Flower petals give off an elegant vibe that always makes for an over-the-top feminine design. If you’re reading this list then you’re probably aware that x-ray tattoos (especially florals) are extremely popular right now. The petals in this design are transparent, full of detail, and hide a delicate pair of lips if you look closely. (Photo: Nando)


Alice in Wonderland by Anzo

Our first viral article that was written a few years back is dedicated completely to Alice in Wonderland tattoos. It’s no secret that Lewis Carroll has inspired a lot of tattoos over the last century, but perhaps none more so than Alice in Wonderland. You can check out the 100+ Best Alice In Wonderland Tattoos here. (Photo: Anzo)

This mandala shell.

Mandala shell by Dasha

The mandala style is great way to add a little curb appeal to any design. Even though a cut away of something as complex as a seashell doesn’t need any extras, this design is definitely better for it. Dasha is well-known for taking the mandala needle to her designs, and if you like what you see here, we recommend checking out her full portfolio.

Solids and stripes.

by Haxx

Okay in full disclosure, these aren’t real tats, but oh how amazing they would be if they were real. This gorgeous layout of heavy blackwork fill and well placed lines is enough to make anyone want to dive in and become “that girl with the ink.” While his Instagram isn’t exactly loaded, Haxx has an impressive portfolio of work similar to image above. (Photo: Haxx)

This skull.

Skull by Francesco Rossetti

There’s a certain magnetic appeal to Francesco’s linework designs that makes them incredibly memorable. Whether it’s an ocean wave or a skull like the one above, Francesco always manages to give each design a unique and creative feel. Usually when an artist has a signature style they like to work it exclusively and the designs tend to be somewhat derivative, but with Francesco, it’s as if every design is completely new. (Photo: Francesco Rossetti)

This ornate bracelet.

by Kristi Walls

Not only is this bracelet beautiful and classy, but it’s an instant conversation piece that’s guaranteed to garner an excessive amount of compliments from anyone and everyone who lays eyes upon it. It’s also high enough to completely conceal with a long sleeve should the occasion arise. (Photo: Kristi Walls)

These dots.

Wide dot pattern by Kevin King

Some of the first tattoos ever inked were simple geometric shapes. This circle of dots is great example of something beautiful and complex that consists solely of rudimentary shapes. These strategically placed circles form an optical illusion that can be perceived in different ways depending on where your mind is set. (Photo: Kevin King)