40+ Subtle White Ink Tattoos Your Parents Won’t Even Mind

Long live white ink.

40+ Subtle White Ink Tattoos Your Parents Won't Even Mind | TattooBlend

Today on TattooBlend, a fine gallery of white ink tattoos.

While this isn’t our first article featuring white ink tattoos, it’s always fun to discover new and interesting designs created solely with white ink.

In recent years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of white ink tattoos being inked. Other popular single colors include red ink, blue ink, and of course, black ink. But none are quite as unique and intriguing as the elegant, barely-there white ink tattoo.

We’ve searched high and low for the best examples of white ink tattoos that will hopefully put this awesome trend on your radar if it isn’t already. We hope you enjoy this article as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

This ornamental mandala cuff.

Mandala white ink tattoo by Eclipse1966

(Photo: Eclipse1966)

This white ink lotus flower on foot.

Lotus flower white ink tattoo on ankle by Brandon

(Photo: Brandon)

This white ink rose on thigh.

White ink rose tattoo on thigh by Mirko Sata

(Photo: Mirko Sata)

‘Hope’ white ink tattoo.

'Hope' white ink tattoo by Nikki Lynn

(Photo: Nikki Lynn)

This white ink rose tattoo.

White ink rose on forearm by Tiago Oliveira

(Photo: Tiago Oliveira)

This stunning white ink mandala flower on thigh.

Mandala white ink tattoo by Jason Standridge

(Photo: Jason Standridge)

This snowflake.

White ink snowflake tattoo by Sol Art

(Photo: Sol Art)

This elegant rose.

Elegant white ink rose by Sasha Masiuk

(Photo: Sasha Masiuk)

‘Faith’ on wrist.

'Faith' white ink tat on wrist via Valeria Jenevette Terrazas

(Photo: Valeria Jenevette Terrazas)

This beautiful chest piece.

White ink chest piece by Watsun Atkinsun

(Photo: Watsun Atkinsun)