36 Stunning Watercolor Flower Tattoos

Currently the hottest thing in floral.

These watercolor poppies.

Watercolor Poppies by Geo Artworks

A long line of abstract poppies adorn the arm in a stylish fashion. (Photo: Geo Artworks)

This abstract back piece.

Floral Watercolor Back Piece by Emrah de Lausbub

This piece was titled Grow by the artist and appropriately so. Two slender flowers grow upwards from a small watercolor earth. (Photo: Emrah de Lausbub)

These vivid cherry blossoms.

Tiny Watercolor Flower Tattoo by Anton

A small cluster of brightly-colored cherry blossoms peek out from behind this lucky ear. (Photo: Anton)

These peonies.

Peonies by Pissaro Tattoo

(Photo: Pissarro)

These fluorescent flowers.

Watercolor Flower Tattoo by Briana Sargent

These dazzling flowers almost glow with luminescence. The only thing brighter than the flowers seems to be the background. (Photo: Briana Sargent)

These large red poppies.

Watercolor Poppies on Back by Shio Zaragoza

Two large poppies set vertically against the spine. (Photo: Shio Zaragoza)

This beautiful rose.

Watercolor Rose Tattoo by Karl Marks

(Photo: Karl Marks)

This soaring swallow.

Watercolor Flower by Szery Tattoo

Although we’re not a huge fan of the watercolor drip style, it does look rather interesting when used in a large composition. (Photo: Szery Tattoo)

These lovely watercolor orchids.

Watercolor Orchids by Lenara

Another bird, more orchids, and an amazingly calming color combination. (Photo: Lenara)

This amazing cover up.

Floral Cover Up by Shio Zaragoza

One of the more breathtaking works of art on the list, these pansies surrounding a pink rose make for an impressive and bold statement. (Photo: Shio Zaragoza)

This beautiful watercolor bouquet.


A beautiful bikini tat if there ever was one. (Photo: Jay Purdy)

These beautiful spring flowers.

Watercolor Peony Flowers by Pissaro

(Photo: Pissaro)