34 Matching Couple Tattoos All Lovers Will Appreciate

I love you. I love you more.

Awesome Couple Tattoo Designs | TattooBlend

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of making things official. No, we’re not talking about marriage, but getting inked of course with a pair of corresponding designs that let the world know who loves who.

So if you love someone and aren’t afraid of a little permanent PDA, take a look at these awesome couple tattoos and get inspired to create a unique design of your own.

This connecting string.

Creative Couple Tattoo by Max Toson

This adorably creative design features a connecting string that when put together appears as two hands holding the same string. But what’s not clear is who exactly is pulling the string… (Photo: Max Toson)

This Harry Potter line.

Harry Potter Couple Tattoo by Masha Thomas

After all this time? Always. (Photo: Masha Thomas)

These two love birds.

Love Birds Couple Tattoo Design by Dovme Sayfasi

An appropriate design for any two birds in love. This cute little design has some of the smallest tattooed hearts you’ll ever see. (Photo: Dovme Sayfasi)

These laurel wreaths.

Laurel Wreath Couple Tattoos

Matching laurel wreaths with what looks like initials below each pair. The laurel wreath was used in antiquity as a sign of victory, often fashioned out of olive branches and worn as a crown. Today, besides being used for decoration, laurel wreaths are commonly found on Master’s degree diplomas. (Photo: Dovme Sayfasi)

These simple words.

Couple Tattoo Design by Izz Nuno

Not exactly what you want to hear when you throw those three special words out there but it makes for a better tattoo than two “I love you’s.” (Photo: Iza Nuño)

These adorable seascapes.

Ship Couple Tattoos by Greesh Bhambhani

Two similar but not identical nautical works. One features a paper hat style boat, you know the ones you float down the stream as a kid, while the other design incorporates a small dingy complete with sail. Notice the two different styles of waves used in each design. (Photo: Greesh Bhambhani)

These matching crescent moon tattoos.

Matching Moon Couple Tattoos

Two minimalistic crescent moons placed on the wrist and ankle. (Photo: Dahye)

These matching king and queen couple tattoos.

King & Queen Couple Tattoos by Sharya Shine

Two crowns, one for a king and one for a queen, fade into view above a beautifully ornate cursive font. (Photo: Sharya Shine)

These Disney designs.

Matching Disney Couple Tattoos

The Beauty and the Beast. One of Disney’s most iconic love stories. (Photo: Michela Bottin)

These starry hand tattoos.

Star Couple Tattoos by Phernandu Nunes

A beautiful bevy of stars, spanning from finger to wrist. (Photo: Phernandu Nunes)

These perfect palms.

Matching Palm Tree Couple Tattoos by WAZ

Geometry, watercolor, these two matching palm trees have it all. (Photo: WAZ)

These sun and moon couple tattoos.

Sun and Moon Couple Tattoos by YK

The sun and the moon. Two guiding symbols in the sky that make for very symbolic couple tattoos. (Photo: YK)

These cool portal tattoos.

Portal Couple Tattoos by Michael Mankin

Another uniquely creative design featuring a man entering a portal on one wrist and exiting one on the other. (Photo: Michael Mankin)