40+ Attractive Sleeve Tattoos for Women

From colorful creations to black and grey ink beauts, these are some of the best sleeves out there!

40+ Attractive Sleeve Tattoos for Women

To say the least, tattoos are extremely addicting. Once you sit down for that first tattoo, the chances of you coming back for more are almost all but certain.

While there aren’t any reliable statistics about how many people get additional tattoos after the first, just look around and count how many people you see with one tattoo versus multiple works of art. An even more interesting statistic would be how many people planned on getting a sleeve before the needle hit their skin as apposed to one day just realizing “Oh my geez I have full sleeves.”

In our humble opinion, there is nothing more spectacular than a well-executed sleeve. Whether it be black and grey ink, or full of vibrant color, sleeves just make us go “Woo!” So if you’re planning a sleeve or just dreaming the dream, the below gallery will take you through over 40 out-of-this-world partial and full sleeve tattoos on women that you’ll no doubt fall in love with. Enjoy!

This beautiful black and grey ink sleeve.

Beautiful black and grey ink sleeve by Jieny

(Photo: Jieny)

This wonderful watercolor sleeve.

Colorful watercolor sleeve by Buju

(Photo: Buju)

This dynamic geometric sleeve.

Dynamic geometric sleeve tattoo by Darkside Tattoo

(Photo: Darkside Tattoo)

This colored pheasant.

Colored pheasant full sleeve by Diana Severinenko

(Photo: Diana Severinenko)

These meandering blue roses.

Botanical floral sleeve tattoo by Olga Nekrasova

(Photo: Olga Nekrasova)

Lord Ganesh, florals, and geometric patterns.

Blackwork sleeve by Joseph Haefs

(Photo: Joseph Haefs)

These sketch style roses.

Sketch style rose sleeve by Inez Janiak

(Photo: Inez Janiak)

This mandala-heavy full sleeve tattoo.

Mandala-heavy sleeve by James Waters

(Photo: James Waters)

This spaced-out sleeve.

Spaced-out full sleeve by Sashatattooing

(Photo: Sashatattooing)

This amazing dotwork sleeve.

Dotwork full sleeve by Bryce Davies

(Photo: Bryce Davies)

This heavy blackwork.

Heavy blackwork sleeve by Darkside Tattoo

(Photo: Darkside Tattoo)

This paisley sleeve.

Paisley full sleeve by Jules Gordon

(Photo: Jules Gordon)

This ornamental sleeve.

Ornamental sleeve via Delphina

(Photo: Delphina)

This baroque black and grey ink sleeve.

Baroque black and grey ink sleeve by Sara Reichardt

(Photo: Sara Reichardt)