60 Tiny Tattoos You Can’t Help But Love

From moons to hearts to tiny lotus flowers.

60 Tiny Tattoos You Can't Help But Love | TattooBlend

Getting a tattoo is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Yes we do live in an age of lasers and robots but the chances of you actually getting around to removing that tattoo are about as slim as you purchasing a robot. With careful consideration and a little planning, finding a tattoo design that you can be proud of a shouldn’t be a problem. One of the best and most common ways to ease into the world of ink is to start with a small tattoo design. There are many advantages to selecting a small tattoo design. For example, small tattoos are easy to conceal, cheaper (to remove as well as apply), and a great way to get a feel for what it’s like to have something permanent on your body. There’s plenty of time to develop those sleeves or that full back piece, so why not start off with something small. Even if this isn’t your first rodeo, small tattoos are undeniably fun and can complement larger works as well. Let’s check out our gallery of tiny tattoos perfect for your first ink.

 This pink crescent moon.

Beautiful pink crescent moon on wrist by Hongdam

(Photo: Hongdam)

This can of Vegemite.

Miley Cyrus' Vegemite tattoo by Doctor Woo

(Photo: Doctor Woo)

This delightful little heart on finger.

Two-toned heart on finger by Life Ink

(Photo: Life Ink)

‘Let Go.’

'Let Go' on wrist by West 4

(Photo: West 4)

These three flowers.

Three flowers on wrist by Anna Bravo

(Photo: Anna Bravo)

This gorgeous gradient strip.

Colorful gradient strip by Jessica Channer

(Photo: Jessica Channer)


'Brave' on rib cage by Las Estaciones de Victoria

(Photo: Las Estaciones de Victoria)

This simple heart.

Simple heart on hand by Jon Boy

(Photo: Jon Boy)

This adorable compass.

Small compass on wrist by Chaewa

(Photo: Chaewa)

This infinity symbol.

Infinity symbol by Doy

(Photo: Doy)