The Ultimate Guide To Mountain Tattoos (70 Photos)

Not quite scenic. But close.

The Ultimate Guide To Mountain Tattoos (70 Photos)

Mountain tattoos are surprisingly popular.

Last year we put together a list of mountain tattoos and ever since that day we’ve been getting tons of mountain tattoo submissions from artists and patrons from around the world. Most of the time if we get a great submission we like to slip it into an already published article, but due to the large amount of mountain tattoos we received, we decided to save them and create a second list. We also added a few designs from other artists that we found on our own.

Here is that list.

This abstract composition.

Abstract mountain range tattoo by Balazs Bercsenyi

There’s a lot going on here which is typical of Balazs and his over-the-top awesome modus operandi. Of course all tattoos are considered works of art, but Balazs truly gives the phrase new meaning when it comes to tattoo art. How Balazs comes up with these designs, let alone executes them, would be fascinating to discover.  (Photo: Balazs Bercsenyi)

This colorful and creative mountain tattoo.

Colorful and creative mountain tattoo by Daria Stahp

It takes a few seconds to fully appreciate the beauty and genius of this design. The first thing you notice while gazing upon this work of wonder is the gorgeous burning sunset tones that blending perfectly together. Then you start to notice the negative space river, sun, and how the top of the diamond-shaped container is cleverly crafted into a mountain peak itself. (Photo: Daria Stahp)

This mountain range and its reflection.

Mountain range tattoo by Clean Lines

Here we have a picture-perfect diamond-shaped mountain landscape piece featuring a mountain setting and its reflection on the lake below. There’s a satisfying symmetry about the piece, as well as the location, that makes this design a pleasure to view.  (Photo: Clean Lines)

This realistic landscape mountain tattoo.

Landscape mountain range piece by Tattooist Banul

Leave it to Banul to create a majestic window into nature with a playful and elegant twist. This small, detail-packed landscape is any travel junkie’s dream come true. The portrait itself is designed to look like a compass but the small outlying details give it the appearance of a globe as well.  (Photo: Banul)

This surreal mountain tattoo.

Surreal mountain range tattoo by David Cote

When trying to describe or categorize David’s work, many adjectives come to mind. Surreal, psychedelic, eclectic, his work is a virtual acid trip in the making. Unmistakably unique, each one of David’s tattoos puts forth a magical aura you have to see to believe.   (Photo: David Cote)

These geometric mountains.

Geometric mountains by Fin Tattoos

Fin T’s geometric mountains are fun to look at. We’ve featured them before on our list, like, a lot, so it’s no surprise that a list dedicated to mountain tattoos would include at least one of our favorite Malaysian artist’s works.  (Photo: Fin)

This stunning watercolor mountain range tattoo.

Stunning watercolor mountain range tattoo by Pis Saro

When Pis Saro creates anything other than a life-like botanical piece, we figuratively jump for joy. Usually her non floral works are spectacular and grandiose—in both size and spectacle. While this isn’t quite the full back piece we would have hoped for, it’s still pretty impressive and one of our favorite designs on the list.  (Photo: Pis Saro)

This single needle landscape.

Single needle mountain landscape tattoo by Doctor Woo

You almost need a macro lens, or perhaps even a loupe to fully appreciate some of Doctor Woo’s inkwork. Landscape scenes—especially mountain ranges—are really popular right now and it’s no surprise that one of the masters of the single needle design is creating some of the best work in the genre. (Photo: Doctor Woo)

This cosmic back shoulder piece.

Cosmic back shoulder mountain tattoo by Cynthia Sobraty

If you’re looking for something small, super cool and super cute, Cynthia Sobraty’s designs are something to consider, that is, if flying to Melbourne isn’t an issue.  (Photo: Cynthia Sobraty)

This beautiful forearm piece.

Beautiful mountain range tattoo by Hongdam

When it comes to inking mountain ranges, South Korean tattooist Hongdam certainly knows what’s up. Done in the style of an oriental painting, these dotwork-esque mountains looks as if they’re peaking through the clouds or perhaps set deep inside a fog covered valley.  (Photo: Hongdam)