28 Brilliant Baby Tattoos For Only The Proudest of Parents

This is how it's done.

28 Brilliant Baby Tattoos For Only The Proudest of Parents

They say that welcoming a newborn into the world is the single most profound and life-changing moment an individual can experience. A tiny version of yourself, entering the world for the first time, completely innocent and utterly dependent on you. A new begging for both parent and child. With that said, there are few feelings that can compare to the pride one feels as a new parent. And as a way to express that new found pride, more and more parents are opting to get lasting memories of their children forever tattooed into their skin. From baby name and date tattoos to the all popular cute little footprint pieces, baby tattoos are definitely among the most sentimental tattoo designs one can get. So sit back, relax, and get inspired by these wonderful examples of parental baby tattoos.

This back shoulder piece.

Baby Feet Tattoo by Julio Roslindo

Here we have two tiny little feet perched perfectly above the daughter’s name. While done entirely in black ink, the feet have an almost watercolor style appearance to them.  (Photo: Julio Roslindo)

This tiny hand.

Baby Hand Tattoo by Tonik Tattoo

One of the most memorable moments parents have with their newborns is holding those tiny little hands. It’s an action that really puts into perspective just how precious that little life is.  (Photo: Tonik Tattoo)

This beautiful chest piece.

Baby feet on chest by Sarah Pearson

This unique design features a heart-shaped hand gesture framing two itty-bitty feet. (Photo: Sarah Pearson)

This creative butterfly.

Baby Feet Tattoo by Pride Tattoo

This cool butterfly design can be found in various iterations around the web—probably because it’s such an amazing design.  (Photo: Pride Tattoo)

These beautiful blue flowers.

Baby Tattoo by Tanya Heathcote

This mom wears a gorgeous floral name and birthdate piece on her arm like a badge of honor. Perfect.  (Photo: Tanya Heathcote)

This new traditional tat.

Baby Tattoo by Thiago C. Costa

We’ve all heard the saying “a mothers love,” but what about dads? Odds are this little tyke could end up looking just like this illustration when he grows up.  (Photo: Thiago C. Costa)

This sleeping angel.

Sleeping Baby Tattoo by Jeremy Scott

The wing is next up on the coloring block but it looks pretty cool as is if you ask me. The pure white wing symbolizes protection and innocence.  (Photo: Jeremy Scott)

This watercolor work.

Watercolor Baby Footprint by Ale

Watercolor meets a glittering galaxy? (Photo: Ale)

These baby blocks.

Baby Blocks Tattoo by Poppycock

Here we have an awesome set of blocks that display both the baby’s name and birthdate on a stack of wooden blocks that have spanned generations and still can be found in most kid’s toy chests to this day.  (Photo: Poppycock)


Triplets Tattoo by Poppycock

Or possibly two twins and another sibling? It’s nice to see designs that stray from the footprint theme. These cuddly creations have wonderful rosy red cheeks and delicate green eyes.  (Photo: Fearless)

This mommy mermaid.

Mom Mermaid Tattoo by KOZMO

A minimalistic mermaid breastfeeds her newborn baby. (Photo: KOZMO)

These tiny feet.

Baby Feet on Back Tattoo

Black and grey ink only. (Photo: Annelinde)