60 Dreamy Tattoos You’ll Obsess About This Summer

Because apparently bare skin is out.


XXO by Raice Wong

(Photo: Raice Wong)

This scar cover-up.

Scar cover-up by Tattooist Flower

(Photo: Flower)

This Chanel ribbon.

Chanel ribbon by Isaiah Negrete

(Photo: Isaiah Negrete)

This floral cross.

Floral cross by Nando

(Photo: Nando)

This cosmic heartagram.

Cosmic heartagram by Vitaly Kazantsev

(Photo: Vitaly Kazantsev)

These colored dots.

Colored dots by Witty Button

(Photo: Witty Button)

These paddles.

Paddles by Balazs Bercsenyi

(Photo: Balazs Bercsenyi)

This cheetah.

by Tritoan Ly

(Photo: Tritoan Ly)

These flowers.

Flowers by Lena Fedchenko

(Photo: Lena Fedchenko)

This little bouquet.

Small bouquet by Bryan Gutierrez

(Photo: Bryan Gutierrez)


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