25 Job-Stopping Tattoos for People Who DGAF

Like Mike.

You won’t walk into Starbucks and land a job with most of these tats, but then again, none of these people probably have any desire to.

If you’re thinking about getting a “really cool tattoo” that’s not concealable, you may want to take a minute and consider the consequences. If my art career falls through, is working a corporate job something I want to have as an option? Because at most jobs, a face tattoo or blue-inked eyes is an automatic violation of company policy, not to mention a monumental obstacle to hurdle during the interview process at those positions that will even employ an individual with a face tattoo. But. Hey. Fortune favors the bold and what most people would consider a handicap in the wide world of employment, can actually be a life-saver. Turned down for a job at your local bank? *Starts a successful business*  — thank you face tattoo for saving me from a long life of corporate misery.

Here are 25 people we can thank for having the guts to get a few truly awesome works of art in places most of us would never dream of.

This medieval mace.

Medieval mace by Elliot Bowes

(Photo: Elliot Bowes)

This colorful creation.

Colorful head piece by Jes Strickler

(Photo: Jes Strickler)

These inked eyes.

Inked eyes by Bodax

(Photo: Bodax)

This geometric mandala.

Geometric mandala by Handsmark

(Photo: Handsmark)

This skull.

Skull by Jak Connolly

(Photo: Jak Connolly)

Abstract texture.

Abstract texture by Ruiner Ran

(Photo: Ruiner Ran)

This skull mask.

Skull mask via Parente

(Photo: Parente)

These inked gums.

Inked gums via Lunacobra

(Photo: Lunacobra)

This old school blueprint.

Old school blueprint by Sokrovvenno

(Photo: Sokrovvenno)

These lines.

Three lines by Taylor Peck-Moad

(Photo: Taylor Peck-Moad)

This pattern.

by Yonah Krank

(Photo: Yonah Krank)

This mesmerizing work of art.

by Jak Connolly

(Photo: Jak Connolly)

This rose.

Rose by TIFFY TL

(Photo: TIFFY TL)