60 Dreamy Tattoos You’ll Obsess About This Summer

Because apparently bare skin is out.

This lipstick mark.

Lipstick by G.NO

(Photo: G.NO)

This Klimt piece.

Klimt piece by Eva Krbdk

(Photo: Eva Krbdk)

This island.

Island landscape by Eva Krbdk

(Photo: Eva Krbdk)

This ornamental back piece.

Ornamental back piece by Alex Bawn

(Photo: Alex Bawn)

This hawk.

by Tritoan Ly

(Photo: Tritoan Ly)

This wildflower wreath.

Wildflower wreath by Lena Fedchenko

(Photo: Lena Fedchenko)

This paper airplane.

by Vitaly Kazantsev

(Photo: Vitaly Kazantsev)

Love…all ways, always.

Love...all ways, always. by Hector Daniels

(Photo: Hector Daniels)

This Sci Fi book.

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy tattoo by Ariel Nirakara

(Photo: Ariel Nirakara)