60 Dreamy Tattoos You’ll Obsess About This Summer

Because apparently bare skin is out.

60 Dreamy Tattoos You'll Obsess About This Summer

I’m going to go ahead and guess that all winter you’ve been secretly plotting your summer debut. Everything will be prefect. People will stare. Trends will be set. And hours upon hours will be spent gazing endlessly into the depths of your new tattoo. Right?

A little ink can give you that extra inch of intrigue that a bikini or hairstyle just never seems to accomplish. From extravagant galaxy designs to subtle lettering, we’ve gathered the best summer tattoo designs that will leave you obsessing in ink.

This magical mirror.

Magical mirror by Sol

(Photo: Sol)

This lace ribbon.

Lace ribbon by Isaiah Negrete

(Photo: Isaiah Negrete)

This night sky.

Window into space by Vitaly Kazantsev

(Photo: Vitaly Kazantsev)

This heavy blackwork floral sleeve.

Heavy blackwork floral sleeve by Sean Hall

(Photo: Sean Hall)


'Always' by Hector Daniels

(Photo: Hector Daniels)


by Archy Owl

(Photo: Archy Owl)

This dino.

Dino by LWS

(Photo: LWS)

This mandala back piece.

Mandala back piece by Ilya Cascad

(Photo: Ilya Cascad)

These beautiful flowers.

Flowers by Fatih Odabas

(Photo: Fatih Odabas)