60 Tiny Tattoos To Inspire Your Next Ink (Part 2)

Round two.

60 Tiny Tattoos To Inspire Your Next Ink (Part 2)

My first tattoo was a small one.

I’m super indecisive so saying that I spent the better part of my life trying to nail down a tattoo design that would suit me while still standing the test of time wouldn’t exactly be an overstatement if you knew me. The fact that I have an internet connection didn’t help things either. It seemed as if every time I felt comfortable and confident in my design choice, some amazing creation would pop up out of nowhere (thanks Pinterest) and make me re-evaluate my life.

Now I’m inked with my very own tiny tattoo, about the size of a nickel, and while I love love love it and have never regretted it for a second, I’ve never had the urge to get more. That’s why I always recommend starting out small. You can always get more, and hopefully, you will, but there is nothing quite as cool as the small ones.

If you’re here, a tiny tattoo is something you’re probably considering. I wanted to create this list as a follow up to our wildly popular 60 Tiny Tattoos To Inspire Your Next Ink list, and hopefully help you find that perfect design.

These koi.

Koi fish by Jay Shin

(Photo: Jay Shin)


Small "love" tattoo by Laura Martinez

(Photo: Laura Martinez)

This cute camera.

Cute camera by Reka Bittencourt

(Photo: Reka Bittencourt)

These two pandas.

Two pandas by Tattooist Arar

(Photo: Tattooist Arar)

This turtle.

Floral turtle by Tattooist Karin

(Photo: Tattooist Karin)

This watercolor flower.

Watercolor flower by Renata Henriques

(Photo: Renata Henriques)

This apple.

Apple bite by Heejae Jung

(Photo: Heejae Jung)

This pear.

Pear by Hongdam

(Photo: Hongdam)

This hot air balloon.

Tiny hot air balloon by Gabi Leilek

(Photo: Gabi Leilek)

This fox.

Single needle fox by Hongdam

(Photo: Hongdam)