60 Beautiful Tattoos That Will Really Get You Excited

So impressive they'll blow you away.

This crease of geese.

by Nadya Natassya

Flowers in bloom and birds in flight are some of our favorite tattoo designs as of late. But so far we’ve only noticed the gradient colors being applied to the tattoos of birds in flight, which makes us wonder when we’ll be seeing the former—it’s only a matter or time of course. This line of geese accentuate a certain crease of the skin which will no doubt elevate your bikini game come summer time. (Photo: Nadya Natassya)

This birdcage.

by Saegeem

This birdcage brings elegance and femininity to any woman’s skin. Something along the lines of the birdcage is an excellent option for any woman searching for something pretty and sophisticated. If it feels like this list is a tribute to Korean tattoo artists, we can assure you it only seems that way. They’re just so good at tatting those super girly designs that everyone likes so much. (Photo: Saegeem)

These colorless peonies.

Peonies by Silo

The verdict is officially in: Peony tattoos > rose tattoos. Yes we said it, but just because everyone is thinking it. Roses held the number one spot practically forever but as soon as people started to tat peonies, the trend simply took over and roses—while beautiful and still widely inked—don’t really compare to peonies as far as structure and design appeal is concerned. (Photo: Silo)

This stunning poppy.

A watercolor poppy by Jemka

If you’re on the hunt for a single floral tattoo design, look no further than this magical watercolor poppy. (Photo: Jemka)

This garter.

by Karaca

We don’t see as many garter tattoos as we used to. I guess it’s just a sign of the times. But with all the creative opportunity garter style designs afford, I’m predicting a comeback in the soon to near future. (Photo: Karaca)

These koi.

Koi fish by Chenjie

There are few things in this world as peaceful and as calming as watching fish swim. Koi ponds have forever been a place of meditation and relaxation and it may sound silly, but just the sight of a koi fish can have a calming effect on the mind. Koi fish tattoos are always a popular design choice, and the watercolor style of design suits them incredibly well. (Photo: Chenjie)


by Balazs Bercsenyi

If you’ve been saving a place on your neck for a tattoo design, then this is it. In fact, if I had the room I would get this exact same tattoo in this exact same location—even though I know how much artists hate people copying their designs. No offense Balazs, but you’re too far away and I know I can’t afford even something as small as this from your talented hands. (Photo: Balazs Bercsenyi)

This elegant floral piece.

Elegant floral piece by Tritoan Ly

So Tritoan creates oodles of these stunning floral hip designs. They’re great for Instagram, looking at yourself in the mirror after a shower, and possibly other bedroom activities but other than that, the general public will probably never enjoy the company of this design. But who cares? Tattoos are as much for you as they are for anybody else. (Photo: Tritoan Ly)

This subtle world map.

A subtle world map by Winter Stone

With the whole world at your finger tips, your desire to travel will no doubt reach epic proportions. To travel the world is a romantic notion. And just the sight of all those countries to be explored is enough to excite the senses. This is perhaps why we’ve been seeing so many different types of world map tattoos these days.  (Photo: Winter Stone)

This watercolor dancer.

A watercolor dancer by Georgia Grey

Every girl dreams of becoming a ballerina. So if real life threw a wrench into your plans, this gorgeous watercolor tattoo is probably the next best thing. But then of course you have to deal with everyone and their mom asking you “Are you a dancer?” (Photo: Georgia Grey)


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