27 Amazing Cross Stitch Tattoo Designs

This new trend is anything but old fashioned.

Cross Stitch Tattoo Designs | TattooBlend

While a relatively new trend in the tattoo industry, cross-stitching on fabric has been around for hundreds of years, making it the oldest form of embroidery known. Recently, a few creative tattoo artists brought the age old tradition into the world of body art. Here are a few cross-stitch tattoo designs guaranteed to impress grandma.

This shoulder piece.

Shoulder Cross Stitch Tattoo Design by Mariette

Flower? Or strategically placed keys? Either way this piece comes together nicely to form a soft and symmetrical design. (Photo: Mariette)

This cross-stitch tea cup.

Alice In Wonderland Cross Stitch Tattoo Design

Cross-stitch from a far looks a lot like mosaic tile. This cup turned out great, too bad Johnny Depp didn’t get the same treatment ;). (Photo: Eva)

This stormtrooper.

Cross Stitch Stormtrooper Tattoo Design

And just when you thought stormtrooper tattoos couldn’t get any cooler, this happens. (Photo: Eva)

These delicious looking raspberries.

Raspberry Cross Stitch Tattoo by Amber Kate Kelly

The softness of these colors gives this piece a fabric-like appearance. Bravo. (Photo: Amber Kate Kelly)

This floral forearm piece.

Floral Rose Cross Stitch Tattoo Design by Eva

Because flowers are so cross-stitch. (Photo: Eva)

This VW bug.

Cross Stitch VW Bug Tattoo by Eva

This might just very well be the cleanest cross-stitch tattoo on the list. A VW bug with a purple cross-stitch paint job and a flower power license plate to match. (Photo: Eva)

This adorable owl.

Cross Stitch Owl Tattoo by Mariette

This little owl has a heart on it’s chest. (Photo: Mariette)

This grizzly bear.

Cross Stitch Grizzly Bear Tattoo

As you may have noticed from this list, there are currently only a handful of artists consistently creating cross-stitch tattoos. Both Eva and Mariette seem to have a fondness for creating these trendy designs while each keeping their own unique styles. (Photo: Eva)

This floral bracelet.

Cross Stitch Bracelet Tattoo Design

As far as floral bracelets go, it doesn’t get much cooler than this multicolored wrist band. (Photo: Eva)

This friendly fox.

Fox Cross Stitch Tattoo Design

A minimalistic cross-stitch tattoo if there ever was one. (Photo: Mariette)

This watercolor anvil.

Cross Stitch Anvil Tattoo Design

Here we have a blacksmith’s anvil with a note attached to it that’s just a tad bit too small to make out. (Photo: Eva)

This precious panda.

Panda Cross Stitch Tattoo by Eva

More pandas! (Photo: Eva)

This pink heart.

Cross Stitch Tattoo Design

(Photo: Eva)