60 Beautiful Tattoos That Will Really Get You Excited

So impressive they'll blow you away.

This lion.

Lion thigh piece by Abi Hack

Large thigh pieces are enjoying a strong comeback right now. For women considering larger designs, the thigh is one of only a handful of locations with enough canvas space for the job. And it’s nice to see women choosing to go with the thigh as opposed to the chest or back. A beautiful design on the thigh is a great way to spice up your bikini and short short game as well ;). (Photo: Abi Hack)

Ariel in stunning color.

Ariel by Baris Yesilbas

Okay, yes, we’ve posted this design before but like all great designs, we like to feature them a few times to ensure they get the exposure they are due. When it comes to Ariel tattoo designs, this one is definitely right up there with the best we’ve ever seen. Baris Yesilbas has transformed what is usually a fairly simple design into something you can get lost in for hours. (Photo: Baris Yesilbas)

This painting.

by Saegeem

It takes a special type of artist to be able to create works of art like the one above. The vision, technique, and patience to pull off such a design is something that very few artists—even in today’s day and age—possess. Saegeem is one of those tattoo artists that defies all norms and reason. (Photo: Saegeem)

This large floral back piece.

by Zhiyongma

Large floral designs are great way to stand out from the crowd if that’s your ultimate goal. They say that beauty has no boundaries, and judging by the size of this floral treat, we tend to agree. Tattoos of this size take a lot of guts, but the end result almost always makes it worth the effort. (Photo: Zhiyongma)

To make each day count.

by Saegeem

Tiny inspirational tattoos are a crowd favorite. And being that they can actually make you a better person, it’s difficult to find anything wrong with them even if you happen to be against tattoos in altogether. Making each day count is probably the best advice you can give yourself, and it often takes a reminder each and every day to truly seize the day. (Photo: Saegeem)

This floral heart.

by Saegeem

I’ve always loved this location when it comes to getting a beautiful and feminine tattoo design. And flowers and hearts are about as girly as it gets. Created by laying flowers end to end to form a heart, the rhythmic pattern of this design gives it a nice symmetrical appearance. If your local tattoo artist doesn’t have the skills to create a detailed floral design, making shapes out of more basic examples is always a good option. (Photo: Saegeem)

This rose.

by Thomas E.

Colorful roses are beautiful, but black ink designs are timeless. This design features a ton of contrast and dimension with its heavy blackwork leaves set against a lightly-drawn blossom. The way the flower appears to originate behind the shoulder creates an appearance of continuity which adds to the design’s intrigue. (Photo: Thomas E.)

This mandala flower.

Mandala flower by Dasha

Sometimes a perfectly planed mandala flower can be devastatingly awesome. Mandala designs are the epitome of symmetry and what better place for one than the center of the sternum? We’re used to seeing strong mandala designs with bold lines and heavy weight. But the lighter designs always appear more intricate and appealing to me. (Photo: Dasha)

This strawberry.

A strawberry by Saegeem

Nothing screams summer like a freshly sliced strawberry. And even though summer seems like a lifetime away, it’s never too early to put together that summer time look. If you’re tired of looking at flower tattoos, a small piece of fruit always makes for a fun and interesting tattoo design that’s anything but boring. (Photo: Saegeem)

This hanging lamp.

A hanging lamp by Saegeem

Random, I know, but tattoos of everyday things are original and a breath of fresh air. That’s the great thing about talented artists; they can create literally anything and make it look amazing. Luckily, today’s tattoo artists are more talented than ever. And thanks to social media, connecting with one has become easier than it ever was before. (Photo: Saegeem)