60 Beautiful Tattoos That Will Really Get You Excited

So impressive they'll blow you away.

A galaxy diamond.

A galaxy diamond by Adrian Bascur

Adrian Bascur loves to create out-of-this-world galaxy-themed tattoo designs. Pretty much anything that you can think of, Adrian can or has thrown a cosmic twist to it. If you like this cosmic diamond, make sure to check out his full portfolio on Instagram for more galaxy goodness. (Photo: Adrian Bascur)

These goldfish.

Goldfish by OOZY

From the overhead view to the stunning details, everything just comes together to make this one of the most original and creative goldfish tattoos we’ve ever come across. Everything you love about goldfish has been incorporated into this design which is perfect for anyone looking to immortalize their favorite little fishy forever in ink. (Photo: OOZY)

This riverside landscape.

Riverside landscape by Maria Summer

Fitting for fall, this landscape design expertly captures the sounds and smells of a beautiful autumn day. While landscape tattoos aren’t an option for everyone (it does take some skill), they are a great way to capture a specific memory of a better place or time. Eva is the queen of landscape ink, and definitely one of the best in the business. (Photo: Maria Summer)

This deer.

via Recycle Tattoo

Deer are incredibly beautiful and elegant creatures, so it’s easy to understand why they are such popular tattoo choices. Obviously deer tattoos are inked in every way, shape, and form imaginable. But it’s these bust style designs that always manage to catch my eye. They remind me of a badge or logo and are a great choice for anyone who loves nature’s creatures. (Photo: Recycle)

This galaxy elephant.

A galaxy elephant by Resul Odabas

Resul is another one of those artists who loves to incorporate the beauty of space into his designs. But unlike Adrian Bascur’s illustrative style, Resul dazzles us with his realistic representation of nebulas, black holes, and the mesmerizing colors of galaxies near and far. The creative variation of tattoos these days never ceases to amaze. (Photo: Resul Odabas)

This X-ray.

X-ray by The Black Drama

Certain artists have managed to create some pretty mind-blowing X-ray tattoo designs, and while it would appear that this tattoo falls into that category, the artist decided to take an illustrative approach, which is a nice change of pace. Perfect for those looking for something far from ordinary, X-ray tattoos are creative, cool, and always a pleasant surprise for anyone who views them.  (Photo: The Black Drama)

This bird with a branch.

via Sol

This tattoo just oozes spring time cheer. And while the winter months will soon be upon us, tattoos should take you to a happy place where the sun is warm and the birds are chirping. Warm clothes really don’t give you a lot of chances to show off your ink, and fresh tattoos take a while to heal, so getting a spring or summer time design in the winter will give your tattoo enough time to look it’s best once the weather starts to warm.  (Photo: Sol)

This floral profile.

A floral profile by Oscar Akermo

Talented tattoo artists tend to be extremely artistic. The best tattoo artists are not only technically skilled, but they also possess great vision and creativity, which is why giving them creative control and freedom during the design process is always a good idea. Oscar Akermo is one of Bang Bang’s most talented tattooists. He’s one of those artists that you’ll definitely want to follow.  (Photo: Oscar Akermo)

This elegant wisp.

by Roman

I spent a fair amount of time trying to figure out how to label this tattoo design as I’m not exactly sure what it is. But that’s the cool thing about tattoos these days—they don’t really need to be anything at all. After reading the comments and comparing it to other designs in the artist’s portfolio, I came to the conclusion that this design represents a wisp of smoke emanating from an extinguished flame. (Photo: Roman)

This fox.

Single line fox by Mo Ganji

Connecting tattoo designs are a cool concept and great for photo ops. But as you go about your daily routine, their genius goes mostly unnoticed which is always something to take into consideration. However, this design features two elements that look great as stand-alone designs which makes this example all the more appealing. (Photo: Mo Ganji)