60 Beautiful Tattoos That Will Really Get You Excited

So impressive they'll blow you away.

These flowers.

by Saegeem

When we first started showcasing some of our favorite Korean tattooists, people simply couldn’t get enough of these dainty little floral designs. The beauty, elegance, and timeless appeal that an expertly executed floral tattoo possesses makes them a hot commodity among girls looking for tattoo ideas. (Photo: Saegeem)

These gradient circuits.

Colorful circuits by Yar Put

Gradient color schemes are as trendy as ever these days. Well done transitions of color add that “cool factor” to any tattoo design, especially those more basic in nature. (Photo: Yar Put)

This panda.

A cute panda by Aki Wong

One way to make an adorable panda even more adorable is to put a little ski cap on it complete with ear-friendly holes. The way the panda’s ears seem to fade into oblivion make the panda appear all the more cuddly. (Photo: Aki Wong)

Elegant lettering.

Elegant lettering by Hector Daniels

While only the closest of acquaintances will benefit from the wisdom of a passage this long, it doesn’t really matter. Because when it comes to tattoos, nothing looks quite as good as an elegant script like the one above. “To live is the scariest thing in the world. Most people exist. That is all.” (Photo: Hector Daniels)

These flowers.

by Dragon

Any outfit you wear will be well-complimented by a floral design of this caliber. When considering colorful floral tattoos, choosing softer colors will help maintain the overall integrity of the design as it ages. Bright colors tend to get blown out, but more reserved hues tend to hold their color well. (Photo: Dragon)

Phases of the moon.

by Eva Krbdk

As if these highly detailed phases of the moon weren’t enough on their own, Eva had the good sense to add a few extra framing details to this piece which really make it something special. Eva is one of those uber-talented artists that I’m sure makes many other artists question their abilities. She’s just that good. (Photo: Eva Krbdk)

This skull.

by Chris Rigoni

If you really wanna wow the pants off everyone you meet, give Chris Rigoni a ring and see if he can fit you in. This creative skull design almost pops off the client’s leg in a manner that makes you almost question its authenticity. Tattoos, why do you have to fade!? (Photo: Chris Rigoni)

This unicorn.

A unicorn thigh piece by Hipner

Mythical by nature and rarely spotted in the wild, this horned creature will add an extra level of beauty to your person. But seriously, unicorn tattoos are every girl’s secret fantasy whether they choose to admit it or not. (Photo: Hipner)

This sunset.

A beautiful sunset by Eva Krbdk

Trying to come up with words to describe something as magnificent as this fiery sunset is as hard as you would imagine. Eva has a way of taking the words from people’s mouths, so we’re just going to let the work speak for itself. (Photo: Eva Krbdk)

This fancy sugar skull.

by Nadya Natassya

It takes a true artist to create something as colorful and harmonious as this playful skull design. Being able to draw is one thing, but knowing which colors compliment each other is a completely different game. (Photo: Nadya Natassya)