48 Beautiful Tattoos For Women Over 40

Because age is just a number.

This blue butterfly.

Blue butterfly by Anna Botyk

Does the texture of these wings make anyone else want to reach out for a quick feel? While butterflies were once a tired cliche, the detail artists are able to achieve today has given these creatures a new lease on life. Butterflies are becoming increasingly popular for their elaborate wings which give artists endless creative opportunities. (Photo: Anna Botyk)

This elephant design.

by Olga Koroleva

Olga simply loves to add flowers to her designs. Yes, this is the second floral elephant tattoo on the list but we came across this design as we were finishing up this list and thought it was too beautiful not to include. (Photo: Olga Koroleva)


This elegant cursive font.

New York City by ELE

I’ve never seen three little words written more beautifully. In fact, you can stare at this design for what seems like hours in appreciation before you realize that you’re only looking at three simple words. (Photo: ELE)

This cherry blossom tree.

Cherry blossom by Tian

Cherry blossoms are celebrated by many asian cultures, but in Japan, cherry blossoms are almost a religion. In Japan, as well as Korea, watercolor cherry blossoms are commonly depicted in the style above. And if you’ve got two eyes and any taste at all, it’s easy to see why. (Photo: Tian)

This ballerina.

Ballerina by Youyeon

Every girls dreams of one day becoming a ballerina. But if reality managed to crush those dreams before they came to fruition, a ballerina tattoo might be the next best thing. (Photo: Youyeon)

This rose.

Rose by Michelle Santana

While peonies are quickly becoming a popular floral tattoo design, roses will always be number one solely due to their gigantic popularity around the world. Roses represent love, and who couldn’t use a little more love in their life? (Photo: Michelle Santana)

These plants.

Plants by Hongdam

If you’re a creative person with a strong appreciation for nature, then this botanical portrait will no doubt inspire you to create something equally beautiful. (Photo: Hongdam)

This watercolor planet.

Watercolor planet by Braszewska

Although this may not seem like a tattoo that your average woman of age would appreciate, trendy and futuristic designs will of course prove to the world that you’re hip, cool, and young at heart! (Photo: Braszewska)

These pretty pink peonies.

Pink peonies by Olga Koroleva

What makes flowers so attractive is their color and smell. Which is why most floral tattoos are full of color (they haven’t yet invented scratch and sniff ink). However, you’ll notice in the design above that just a hint of color when paired with negative space can create a truly dramatic and harmonious effect. (Photo: Olga Koroleva)